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Post 2005 (This brings you to our sister site)

From the Top! 
Get the latest download: 
"Flash - Drawing the Mouth and Lips"

(Click on the underlined link, 
click on the "save to disc" option)

 Just signing on? Here's' the link center to get you going. This will be your one stop answer to "How do I get started?". Bottom line is, you need to do your assignments: learning to draw and drawing caricatures, portraits - drawing anything -  is absolutely, without a doubt within your grasp. But only if you do the assignments and keep on practicing. I recommend doing these in order if this is your first time here or you feel like you need a refresher.

You'll also find links to relevant past e-zines germane to the topic of the day - that way you shouldn't have to spend so much time looking up and down this page (though printing this entire page out as a guide for the contents isn't a bad idea either :-). 

Flash Lessons. Lastly, if you've just signed up or if you've misplaced your "Flash" lessons, the black link box at the right hand side of this page is exactly what you're looking for. One click and Voila! Flash at your fingertips. What's Flash? Flash is the Internet standard for multimedia delivery. It lends itself beautifully for teaching things like, well drawing caricatures :-). And we've packed as much detail as we can into these info-filled interactive lessons.  Please limit your download to one copy each (your computer well tell you if you've already downloaded a copy). 

If you're viewing this page from within the e-sourcebook loaded on your computer, all the Flash lessons then reside inside your computer and   these links will immediately load the modules. Enjoy.

So dive on in and don't be afraid ;-).



Jeff Kasbohm


On with the show: Getting used to the switch inside your brain: 


Part I: Learn to 
"See  it and you'll believe it" 
The Foundation Lessons

If I had to sum up the foundation lessons with a pithy one-liner to describe the basic skills of drawing I'd have to say this:  learn to 

see it, and you'll believe it

To kick things off, there's no better way to learn to draw  than to learn to recognize the "systems" operating behind the systems. That means learning to recognize the switch in your brain: i.e. to learning to identify your brain's multi-tasking, parallel functioning, albeit language-dominated always gear-changing activity - and it's subtle but profound flip into the "artist's brain" or "right brain". And learn to recognize that switch by feeling it. And there's no better way to learn this in my opinion than by approaching our topic than the "Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain" (DRSB) techniques taught by Dr. Betty Edwards (of which I'm a certified instructor). I'll give you my interpretation of those lessons. Here's where you start:


Getting the feel

1)  February 28th, 2003 Start here: Vase/Face drawings: Your brain in conflict.

2)  March 31st 2003 Upside drawing - getting your language-driven brain out of the way and seeing your hidden drawing powers come to life.


The first skill of drawing: lines and edges

3) Pure Contour Drawing. Do the Pure Contour exercises here. This is the first of the 5 skills of drawing. This lesson centers around drawing and recognizing edges - any kind of edge, contour, or line.

Click on the link above (Pure Contour) for a quick explanation and other related links to take this insightful step. This lesson is important to complete before you go on to the "Understanding the Picture Plane" lesson.

4) Understanding the Picture Plane. The first of the new Flash Interactive Lessons: Understanding the picture plane. The Picture Plane concept is one of a handful of difficult-to-explain ideas. You've got to experience it firsthand to really get it. And that's where you start in this lesson: getting exposed to this powerful concept.

Download your "Understanding the Picture Plane" Flash interactive right here: click me!

5) Modified Contour Drawing. More on recognizing and perceiving edges - and introducing  a modicum of accuracy into your contour drawings. Builds right on top of the picture plane lesson. Dive on in!:  Modified Contour and Flash Interactive Lesson download.


The Second skill of drawing: Recognizing and Perceiving Negative Spaces

6) July 19th, 2003 The Second Skill of Drawing: Perceiving Negative Spaces. Ever get stuck drawing some complicated object? Or get too intimidated to even get started? Did you know you can learn to draw an object by not drawing it? Click here for the latest page devoted to this paradox and negative spaces.

Click here for the latest Flash Interactive Lesson download (About 4.0 megabytes). 

7) The third skill of drawing: Recognizing and Perceiving Angles, Perspective, and Proportions

Congratulations! You're clicking right along, correct? I hope so. It's really important you take your time moving through each of the foundations of drawing lessons (part one of this program). Today's lesson covers arguably the toughest concept of drawing - and a persistent obstacle for many beginning artists: reckoning angles and proportion

In this lesson you'll learn two techniques that will really aid in mastering these difficult concepts. Download the Flash lesson and dive on in! There's a couple inexpensive tools you may need to buy to do this  lesson - don't let that stop you! Go through this lesson as many times as you need to until it sinks in. (It builds directly on what you've learned about picture planes and "formats" and "setting a ground" (all covered in previous Flash lessons).

Click here for the Flash Interactive Lesson download (overall size of download: about 4.3 megabytes).


8) Reviewing what you've learned so far and your first drawing: a profile. In this section you'll review what you've learned and do your first face drawing: a profile drawing of the face. (Flash lesson link available on this page too.)


9) Perceiving Light and Shadow

The fourth and fifth skills of drawing: perceiving, highlights, lights, and shadows  a n d  the "gestalt" skill, the "I-get-it-like-I-get-a-joke" skill of drawing (this is the fifth, unconscious skill). Click here for light and shadow lesson


Part II: Boot Camp "Believe it 
and you'll see it" 

You could describe the first 9 steps as "See it and you'll believe it".  In this next section where you'll be applying, rehearsing, and reconnoitering your fledgling drawing skills and you could describe the approach as a 

 "Believe it and you'll see it
Boot Camp

The thought here is if you know there's more you're supposed to be looking for, you'll start seeing it - and in all the faces you'll ever draw, be they portraits or caricatures or cartoons. Once you know there's all sorts of other layers of detail right there under your nose, you'll really start seeing them and make even more of your own discoveries.  


10) Drawing Ears  - click here and be transported to 
the link center for drawing ears boot camp.

(sister site link: ears )

11) Drawing Eyes - click here and be transported to 
the link center for drawing eyes boot camp.

(sister site link: eyes )    

12) Drawing Noses - click here and be transported to 
the link center for drawing noses boot camp,

(sister site link: noses )

13) Drawing the Mouth and Lips - click here and be transported to the link center for drawing the mouth 
and lips boot camp.

(sister site link: mouth, lips, and teeth )


Part III: Transition to drawing caricatures

14) Drawing the shapes and 
     masses of the head - lesson 14

15) Caricatures: 
   pulling it all together - 
     a book-within-a-book
lesson 15



16) Primitive shapes

17) Marketing 101

18) Drawing First Aid


"Flash" Quick Reference Library
The foundations of Drawing:

1. Picture Plane

2. Modified Contour

3. Negative Space

4. Angles and  Pro- ....portions

5. Profile Drawing

6. Light and Shadow


"Believe it and you'll see it" Boot Camp Flash modules:

1. Drawing Ears

2.  Drawing Eyes

3. Drawing Noses

4. Drawing the
Mouth and Lips

5. Primer on
...part of the
section of Lesson

Lesson 15, Tying it all together: 

1. The Horizontal

2. The Vertical

3. Zeroing in on  the overall Shapes of the head and hair

4. Digging back into
the features




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20 October 1998
Caricature: Keith Richards

23 October 1998
1) A heartfelt welcome
2) "Name the Magazine" Contest
3) I'd love to hear from you!
4) Getting started: a goofy warm-up exercise.

29 October 1998
Caricature: Ron Wood

2 November 1998
1) Time Management: A little Bit Goes a long Way

20 November 1998
1) Staying motivated/practice before talent
2) The Artist's contract

30 November 1998
Two great ways to build your caricature reference file

A large number of e-zines were lost during the December 1999 hard drive crash. Did we know about "computer back-up redundancy" in those days? No.  :-( 
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10 September 1999
Update: getting back on track after hard-drive crash

7 October 1999
Bruce Springsteen

14 October 1999
1)"Feature by feature" series: ears.
2) Getting into and staying in the artist's mode
3) Buddy system: update
4) Chat room?

22 October 1999
Discussion and caricature of Atlanta Brave's
controversial relief pitcher: John Rocker

30 October 1999
1) Feature by feature: Noses

2) Member question: "What's the every-other-week Caricature for?"

5 November 1999
Caricature: Mike Tyson and Robyn Givens

15 November 1999
In this issue:
1) Specific Assignments for "Feature's Mini-Series": Drawing the nose
and taking baby steps
2) Re-committing: the Artist's Contract

20 November 1999
Caricature: Ayatollah Khomeini

26 November 1999
In this issue:
1) Political cartoons and caricatures and links
2) A Fun little cartoon site
3) Feature by Feature Mini-series

7 December1999
Caricature: Richard Nixon

10 December 1999
1) Tips on how to get a good likeness.
2) Featured site: Another way caricaturist's and cartoonist's
can make money

20 December 1999
1) Jack Klugman
2) Merry Christmas!

27 December 1999
Happy New Year to all! In this issue:
1) "Entrainment" and it's elixir: How drawing can be that magic elixir.
2) Feature-by-feature: the upper lip/ Cupid's bow.

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19 January 2000
Update: The first of the case studies - Keith Richards
and links to those pages

29 January 2000
1) Arnold Schwartzenegger caricature
2) Explanation of caricature: notable features.

5 February 2000
1) Two site links for photos to practice caricaturing
2) Feature by Feature: the Lower Lip
3) YCD Update

14 February 2000
1) Maria Shriver-Scwartzenegger picture and background
2) Links to National Caricaturist Network
3) News on upcoming National Convention
4) Link to Tad Barney's "The Nose"

26 February 2000
1) Feature by Feature Mini-series: the teeth
2) YCD Update
3) Illustration: teeth.

2 March 2000
Update and link to next section on Light and Shadow

10 March 2000
1) Progression Series of Carlos Santana;
2) The actual 3-part illustration of Carlos.

17 March 2000
1) Feature by Feature Mini-series: the eyebrows
2) YCD update news and link.
3) Illustration to demonstrate eyebrows: John Belushi

25 March 2000
1) Every-other-Week Caricature: Carlos Santana
2) Note: expanding the usage policy

3 April 2000
Feature by Feature: Drawing the chin; collage illustration

16 April 2000: YCD Update
1) News about latest update at the Artist's Loft
2) Links to those pages (last two section's on shadow).

21 April 2000
1) Your Every Other Week Caricature. This week featuring a
progression series of Rap star Snoop Doggy Dogg. Illustration
is group of three drawings.

29 April 2000
1) Summer around the corner: good news for caricaturists
2) The heavy side of drawing: dealing with frustration

8 May 2000
1) Your Every Other Week Caricature - this week featuring the
the finished Snoop Doggy Dogg.

15 May 2000
1) A lengthy little essay on "honest observation" and...
2) proven warm-up exercises for getting into
R-mode (the Artist's mode).

24 May 2000
1) Warming up to an exaggerated Hugh Hefner

31 May 2000
1) Scheduling your drawing time: the 15 minute-a-day memory drawing
2) Book Review: Burne Hogarth's "Drawing the Human Head"

8 June 2000
1) Final of Hugh Hefner

15 June 2000
1) Working up to your first "live gig"
2) From stick figures to full portraits in 5 days: quick
visit Betty Edwards "Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain" site

24 June 2000
1) Simon and Garfunkel

(Summer break)

20 July 2000
In this issue:
1) Back from our Summer break - the downloadable e-Sourcebook
2) Quick anatomy lesson: the Neck

28 July 2000
1) Tonus Balonus

7 August 2000
1) Member Steve Blomfield's pure and modified
pure contour drawings
2) The
actual email - an invitation to send your pictures

l0 August 2000
Tonus Balonus Caricature Final

20 August 2000
Re-introducing an age old technique: The drawing grid - using the 
lips and teeth as an example.

25 August 2000
Two from the Archives:
Eddie Murphy and George Bush II

31 August 2000
1) Capturing subtle shapes, lines and shadows
2) Foreshortening

9 September 2000
Progression series of Anthony Robbins

16 September 2000
1) Mini-Primer on the logic of light
2) Shadowing and shadows specific to the nose

23 September 2000
Final of Anthony Robbins

30 September 2000
1) The Picture Plane
2) A fantastic little drawing aid
3) Making a permanent record of your "Vis-a-vis" marker drawing

9 October 2000

Magic Johnson: first drawings and progressions

14 October 2000
First Aid for "tough drawing" days

23 October 2000
Magic Johnson: first drawings and progressions

31 October 2000
Breakdown of the Magic Johnson Caricature

7 November 2000
1) Kevin Spacey, first round
2) A list of questions to build your "detail awareness"

19 November 2000
1) Jump-start your drawing practices
2) Technical changes

28 November 2000
Kevin Spacey: final

12 December 2000
1) Growing Pains
2) Taking your drawing to the next level

20 December 2000
From the Archives: George C. Scott

23 December 2000
1 & 2) Jeff's "Marketing 101 and 102": response to two questions
3) Related Links

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5 January 2001
New Year update

10 January 2001
John Goodman first observations, plus realistic and 
first exaggeration drawings (at bottom of page).

18 January 2001
Member Michelle L.'s personal drawings and discussion

26 January 2001

John Goodman final

2 February 2001

1) Hair as a shape 
2) Lot's of links - lot's of hair style links just for fun

9 February 2001
Looking at Ani DiFranco's hair as well as her 
realistic drawing likeness

18 February 2001
The next in mini-series on hair:
A pretty entertaining look at hair "switcherooos"

23 February 2001
Final of Ani DiFranco: kind of scary! (Someday I'll redo this :-)

3 March 2001
Some simple and effective exercises for
increasing your manual dexterity, circle-making,
and straight lines ability

10 March 2001
Update: Hugh Hefner In-depth upload
and description of each page (60+ pages)

16 March 2001
Gaining and producing greater  accuracy in your 
drawings: YCD responds to member Suzy Voye

3 March 2001
Having fun with Talk show host Bill Maher
also looks at what's worth
at first blush

30 March 2001
1) Revisiting the Artist's Contract
2) Twenty five brand NEW  "Vase-face" practice drawings
3) Perspective resource: The Royal Academy's Perspective Pack

6 April 2001
1) Final caricature and explanation of Bill Maher
  caricature - this is a fun one!
2) Good detailed list of facial "sub-features"

20 April 2001
1) Out of Town
2) The Fifth skill of Drawing: the "Gestalt"

27 April 2001
1) Paul McCartney takes his turn today
2) Discussion over what makes him  objectively recognizable
and caricaturizable

5 May 2001
Shadows, highlights, and primitive forms:
seeing how they work together

10 May 2001
Final caricature of Paul

18 May 2001
Update: link to Ani DiFranco In-Depth Case study Part I

27 May 2001
Caricature of William Randolph

1 June 2001
1) Shadows, highlights and primitive forms, Part II
2) Assignment

8 June 2001
Caricature of Janet Jackson and a breakdown of notable 
details in her face

15 June 2001
Update: Ani DiFranco Pat II
Lots of text,  pictures, and two very instructional animations

23 June  2001
Donald Sutherland Caricature and

30 June 2001
1) Question about using media other than pencil from member John Beales of
    Elizabeth City, North Carolina
 2) Very brief look at breaking down the face into primitive forms: starting with
   the nose
3) Reviewing the very user-friendly usage rights

8 July 2001
Rock star Pete Townsend

15 July 2001
Summer break and computer maintenance time

31 July 2001
We're back!

4  August 2001
1) Series: Constructing parts of the head and face with “primitive shapes”:  this issue - the eye.
2) What was wrong - or different - about Pete Townsend's eyes?

10 August 2001

Jazz crooner/songwriter Mose Allison caricature

16 August 2001

18 August 2001
1) Reminder: new password
2) HUGE upload  - completely new - page, and how to approach it
3) Patching up email

24 august 2001
ER Star: George Clooney

1 September 2001
A gaggle of Arafats - an encore caricature edition 

7 September 2001
1) Getting started: how to get started in 3 easy steps, er, more like 14 :-)
2) Quick referenced link to all the lessons

13 September 2001
In the pain and confusion after the NYC & Pentagon attacks, 
Pennsylvania crash

23 September 2001
Slowly getting back into the swing of things

29 September 2001
Country music singer-songwriter-hellraiser  Billy Ray Shaver

8 October 2001
This week I'm going to answer a request from member Kristy 
Wells from Idaho: Taking a closer look at the individual features.
Here's part of what we wrote back and forth...

15 October  2001
Communiqué - update
Today- big link to an even bigger new page: Part iv of
Ani DiFranco's in-depth evaluation one feature at a time

24 October 2001
Today an anonymous face with special attention
to cross-hatching, light, shadow, and facial feature

31 October 2001
1) Part V of Ani DiFranco: building hair, the first exaggeration and  you're
in the hot seat - you get to be the caricaturist :-)
2) A whole bunch of uploads to the Archives and the Art Gallery

7 November 2001
Caricature - Osama who?

14 November 2001
1) Does the format of the book make sense?
2) A drawing site with a free download  - and one of the most simplified and insightful lessons on composition I've ever read

21 November 2001
And a special holiday wish from Billie Bob Thornton
- a quick pencil sketch...

28 November 2001
1) More on hair   (Chuck where are you?)
2) A really neat Thai caricature site - all in pencil

5 December 2001

Your 5 December YouCanDraw.com every other 
week caricature: more Billy Bob Thornton

12 December 2001
What makes Billy Bob drawable - feature by feature

19 December 2001
Your Every Other Week Caricature: Thelonious Monk

26 December 2001
Elgin Bolling of Bronx, New York asks a great question about  exaggeration;
Ed Nemanic asks about self marketing, pricing in the beginning

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9 January 2002
Communiqué - Flash Interactive #1

We've gone hi-tech! Today marks the launch of the first of several “Flash Interactive” lessons. I don't think there’s anything else out there like them - seriously!

21 January 2002
It's January and we're moving...to Minneapolis!
Caricature: The Dali Lama  (we need his help :-)

29 January 2002
1) On the road in just 24 hours!
2) 15 "Upside-Down" drawing exercises uploaded
3) New subscribers - get your "Flash Interactive" download

6 February 2002
Hi all, just a very quick update...

17 February 2002
Larry King quick sketches

25 February 2002
A gang of other excellent drawing education sites, caricature 
sites, cartoon sites and general art sites

4 March 2002
Caricature -
more Larry King - careful, don't miss the picture. It's
at the very bottom of the page outside the white frame.

11 March 2002
Communiqué - Flash Interactive #2
Today: drill home the concepts of visually sizing up your subjects. In particular, today’s focus is on the vertical landmarks of the face - and it’s easier than you think because there’s really only two you have to memorize (there were 5 horizontal landmarks). And we're delivering them you hot off the Hi-tech press:
Flash Interactive Lesson Number two.

18 March 2002

Today's caricature is a pencil of Canadian and former 
grunge-turned-rock singer Alanis Morissette

25 March 2002
1) Member drawing: Suzy Voye of Tennessee 
2) A call for drawings :-) - member's showcase
3) Pricing your drawings and member drawing: Chet Nowlen

8 April 2002
1) Flash Interactive Number Three is here
2) Member Showcase Progress
3) Getting the other Flash Interactives if you've just signed up

16 April 2002

In-depth exploration of member Suzy Voye of Tennessee's drawing

23 April 2002
This issue's  caricature is of none other than turn of the century, Southern
Gentleman and supposed misanthrope  Sam Clemens, aka Mark Twain

30 April 2002
In today's e-zine: a Marketing primer

7 May 2002

Happy Mother's day to all! And every one has a mother so 
we can all celebrate - and Frank Zappa and the MOTHERS of 
Invention will celebrate with you

14 May 2002
It's the latest, the greatest, it's this months (the third) issue 
of Flash Interactive mania: Shadows and Features

21 May 2002

Today's caricature is of Mr. P-Funk, Parliament, wild man of music, the self-proclaimed Atomic Dog himself: Mr. George Clinton

28 May 2002

We've completed Part II: the rapid fire, overview-style exploration 
of Suzy Voye's realistic portrait sketch

5 June 2002

1) In today's issue of the "Every Other Week Caricature" you'll see that
old-son-of-a-gun Fidel Castro and an "improvised" practice approach,
2) The David Levine Library: simply amazing

12 June 2002
Part II Marketing: mining your Unique Selling Proposition

20 June 2002

1) Archives - all updated!
2) Reviewing some ground rules on sending pictures

26 June 2002

1) We're moving again! Sheesh. Expect a short break in the action :-(
2) Caricature/lighting: is it consistent?

10 July 2002
Update and Flash links

19 July 2002
Alan Greenspan gets the grand congressional makeover

29 July 2002

Going from color, to black and white, to cross hatch: 
a funneling technique

5 August 2002
What's funny about Ted Koppel?

12 August 2002
Back-to-back issue of "Your Every other Week Caricature". (Editor's option :-). Today you'll see a quick pencil mock-up of the Summer action thriller that has three x's in the title and it's protagonist: Vin Diesel

22 August 2002
Short "Flash Interactive" rotating 360 degree head for
understanding and constructing the "three-quarter" view

29 August 2002
Studs Terkel: roustabout hero still going strong :-)

9 September 2002

Getting a firm feel for volumes and the 
three-quarter view of the head

20 September 2002

Miscellaneous Levine-style caricature: a 
study in cross hatching and light

28 September 2002
A hodgepodge of fun drawing, humorous art, and related sites
(Because the author was too lazy to do anything in-depth :-)

6 October 2002

A very unflattering realistic, though slightly exaggerated drawing 
of recording artist Macy Gray (Macy I will
make it up to you!)

14 October 2002
Finishing up Ani DiFranco in Lesson 15

21 October 2002
Writer, journalist, schlock TV star, war correspondent, love him or 
hate 'em  (I like this guy), the one the only Geraldo Rivera

30 October 2002
Dealing with frustration

10 November 2002
Corporate decisions, old ezines, and the Archives

20 November 2002
Tom Ridge, homeland,  (and hairdo) security

5 December 2002
First Aid for the stuck artist

18 December 2002
Santa Pablo Picasso: Merry Christmas!

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January 2nd, 2003 
Art Gallery updated

January 17th, 2003
Caricature - Ari Fleisher and explanation of 
what makes him look the way  he looks

January 31st, 2003
Communiqué - answering members questions

February 28th, 2003  
Communiqué - initiating the "From the Top" review
of the entire book

March 17th, 2003
- General Tommy Franks

March 31st 2003
Communiqué - staring off with the upside down drawing: seeing 
you truly have skills just idling along

April 15th, 2003
Caricature - Baghdad Bob

April 30th, 2003
Communiqué - Explanation of the "Picture plane" and 
a Flash Interactive download

May 15th, 2003
Communiqué -
Pure Contour drawing exercise - really getting 
into your right brain

May 30th, 2003
- George Lucas

June 19th, 2003
Communiqué - Flash Interactive Lesson: 
Understanding the Picture Plane

June 30th, 2003
Communiqué - Modified Contour Drawing

July 19th, 2003
- Flash Interactive Lesson on the
Second Skill of Drawing: Negative Spaces

July 31st, 2003
Communiqué - Negative Space pictures for practice

August 14th, 2003
Communiqué - reckoning angles and proportions

August 30th, 2003
Communiqué - yet another Flash Lesson: 
the Profile Drawing

September 30th,, 2003
Communiqué - yet, still another Flash Lesson, 
the final one (for now): Light and Shadow

October 1st, 2003
Ezine update

October 30th, 2003
Going on vacation

November 15th, 2003
Today's victim: Danielle  Pletka

December 1st, 2003
1) The benefits of keeping up with your hobby
2) an exercise in observation - answers on January first

December 15th, 2003

Meeting of the "Govs"
- California Gov's convention: 
Arnold Schwartzenegger
and Gray Davis

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January 1st, 2004
to December 1st's  "Exercise in Observation"
(Shares the same page as December 1st 2003 - look for 
link at the top of the page.)

January 15th, 2004

In today's ezine: Drawing Gandalf

February 1st, 2004

In today's communiqué: turning your caricature hobby 
into a money-making business. Tips on making your first 
dollar - safely :-)

February 15th, 2004
Presidential hopeful Sen. John Kerry

March 1st, 2004
Communiqué / Caricature

What makes John Kerry caricaturable?

March 17th, 2004
In today's e-zine: Answering the question: "Jeff, how did 
you and how can I build an Internet art/caricature business
 like yours"?

April 1st, 2004

In today's e-zine: short and sweet today
Coming attractions / administrative items
2) Figure drawing / and figure drawing sites

April 15th
- 2004 e-zine update 

May 1st, 2004

In today's e-zine
Some delays...
B) Why drawing celebrities, politicians, and people in the news will
improve your drawing, your drawing business and possibly your sanity...

1 June 2004

In today's e-zine - more Flash lessons - Ears!

11 July 2004
Flash Lessons : Eyes!

September 1st, 2004
Boot Camp Flash module: the nose

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January 1st 2005 

Elvis! Five shots of Elvis
and brief looks at each one

February 1st, 2005
Evaluation of member JW from Quincy, MA pure contour 
drawings of a hand, a potted plant, and a foot. 

March 1st, 2005
Russian President Vladimir Putin


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