The fourth skill of Drawing: 
Seeing, recognizing and perceiving 
Light and Shadows
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As you'll see in a moment, light and shadow aren't just the greatest way to add three dimensionality to your pictures - they're fun to play with too! Dive into the Flash lesson and definitely see the links below for other parts of the book and communiqués that relate to lights and shadows. Click on the following picture to see the Flash lesson. (Note: If you're accessing this on-line, go to the Flash link center in the upper right hand corner of the Archives page.):

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Other relevant, not so relevant (and possibly redundant) Archives:

2 March 2000
Update and link to next section on Light and Shadow

16 September 2000
1) Mini-Primer on the logic of light
2) Shadowing and shadows specific to the nose

31 August 2000
1) Capturing subtle shapes, lines and shadows
2) Foreshortening

5 May 2001
Shadows, highlights, and primitive forms:
seeing how they work together

1 June 2001
1) Shadows, highlights and primitive forms, Part II
2) Assignment

24 October 2001
Today an anonymous face with special attention
to cross-hatching, light, shadow, and facial feature

26 June 2002

1) We're moving again! Sheesh. Expect a short break in the action :-(
2) Caricature/lighting: is it consistent?

20 September 2002

Miscellaneous Levine-style caricature: a 
study in cross hatching and light

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