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Subject: Your May 15th, 2003 Communique

May 15th, 2003


Your May 15th
, 2003


Howdy all,

In today's Communiqué, you'll find a link to the "From the Top" section of the Archives. In it you'll find this right at the top:

"For    May 15th 2003
Get your Pure Contour exercises here! Drawing and recognizing edges -
any kind of edge - is the first of the 5 skills of drawing. 
Click on the link
above (Pure Contour) for a quick explanation and other related links to take
this insightful step. This lesson is important to complete before you go on
to the "Understanding the Picture Plane" lesson."

When you get there click on the Pure Contour link for today's lesson. If you're new,
we're in the process of revisiting and really nailing down the Drawing on the
Right Side of the Brain
(DRSB) lessons. These are the skills on which all
other drawing skills are built. Learn these, internalize these, and your drawing skills
will take a momentous leap forward. Guaranteed.

You'll also find the link to the April 30th Flash download there as well. (You'll
have to scroll down the page a few inches to find it - but it's obvious enough.

Here's the link to the Archive:

(To see my DRSB Instructor's certificate, click here:

Once we've completed revisiting the foundations of drawing (the DRSB lessons)
We'll get back to doing more caricatures. So dive on in folks and don't be afraid :-)

Take care, see you in a couple weeks,


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"Once and for all  getting you drawing faces and caricatures"