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Subject: Your May 21st, 2002 every other week
  caricature: George Clinton

May 21st, 2002


Your May 21st, 2002
every other week caricature: Mr. George Clinton


Howdy all!

Today's caricature is of Mr. P-Funk, Parliament, wild man of music, the self-proclaimed Atomic Dog himself: Mr. George Clinton. Talk about rambunctious energy - this guy has it. Going strong after all these years, he is truly a maverick. Outspoken as he is colorful, I thought he'd be a fun draw. To see original photos, go to, click 'images' and type in George "Clinton" and you'll see immediately all the pictures I used
to draw him.

Background info

As usual I began with a "Photoshop's"  worth of photos (and even one real magazine
cover with his photo on the cover.) Step one was a very quick pencil sketch - you can
see that in the upper left hand inset. Then the work began. Hatching away as usual with
a 01 Pigma Micron for all the actual face hatching. I avoided as much as possible drawing the shadow shapes in ink first, rather I hatched in the shape and let the hatching fill the area. (I was envisioning an outline on the paper as I hatched - again without drawing one - and filled in the envisioned shape.)

Oh, I forgot to tell you, I scanned the original pencil drawing because it was over 15 inches tall, then I shrunk it, increased the contrast in PhotoShop, printed if out so the inset you see is about 4 and 1/2 inches tall. Then I took that to the light box and traced a quick but accurate pencil outline on Grumbacher "Paper for Pens". THEN I started hatching. And there was lot's of hatching (yes, I'm going for the David Levine style award :-).

Hair and hatching styles

Check out all the different styles of hatching: the thin hatches on the actual face, the
heavier lines in the hair (the dread lock outlines were drawn with a Pigma Micron 08
technical pen and the hatches in the hair with a thinner 03 Pigma. The 01 micron - the
finest tipped pen of those used - was saved for the finest detail.

The beard got a little muddied in the final version, (there's abstracted hair styles that would prevent all the over-inking but as of yet I haven't got an "abstract" under my belt to use).

I was pleased with how the lips turned out - they have depth even in a small picture with strong highlights and realistic appearing wrinkles. (Lips have always been the hardest thing in the world for me to capture in ink.) Well I hope you enjoy the picture and I wish you all a happy Memorial Day weekend Holiday. Stay safe and...

keep on drawing!


Jeffrey O. Kasbohm
Executive Director

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