1) YCD.com Update

2) Higher resolution pictures in the Art Gallery

3) Like to buy the New YouCanDraw.com CD-ROM?



Good day and happy New Year all!

I hope you all had a great Christmas, Kwanzaa, Chanukah, New Year, and

Ramadan! We're gearing up for the 2001 marketing push and in order to do that there was

a lot of updating to be done - months worth. So if you click on either of

the following two links you'll find a grand total of 43 new web pages and

some 40 illustrations (that sounds like more illustrations than there is

since there's duplication between the Archives and the Art Gallery). But

all the past e-zines and communiqué's are there.

You'll find that the pictures in the Art Gallery are of both larger size and

higher resolution - and so are higher in quality. I also broke up the


that were "composites" - ie where there was more than one face per page.

That way if you're without something like Photoshop to break up the pictures

it's already done for you. (Remember you have royalty-free use of the

caricatures - just make sure you stay within the usage agreement outlined

in the Art Gallery.)


So if it's been awhile since you've been to the Insider's Artist Loft,

or you were off line for a few months, there's a goodly new chunk of

information. Here's the links





What else is new?

In the next few days, you'll be receiving the next Caricature, and over the

next several weeks the first of 6-8 new, in-deep-depth caricature analyses

will be posted.

We'll also be experimenting with "Flash" technologies - adding sound to a

few of the lessons. Very exciting! And I think it'll add a new dimension to

on-line lessons.


Lastly, I received this email earlier today


jmnem@bellsouth.net wrote


> Hi,

> Is there a way to download the entire ebook all at once?

> James


and this is how I answered


"Hi James,

actually, I just completed a CD-Rom of the whole site - even though I"ll

be adding to it forever -). I did a test with a small group a few

months back - the downloadable version is just too huge to download

without people getting cut off from their servers in mid-download - thus

the CD)

I've been looking to offer it to members at a reduced price. If you go

to "http//www.youcandraw.com" - it's the new site, and you can see what

the new offer is - I would NOT charge full price for the CD to members

who signed up before the new site went up.

Tell me as honestly as you can what you think would be a fair price for

just the CD? $15, $20, $30, more? Less? Be HONEST -) You won't offend

me. (And if you do, I'll never tell anyone)..."


So if you're interested in purchasing the CD-ROM hard copy, let me know

what you think is a fair price. We'll work something out that's agreeable

to all.


Take care, and keep on drawing!





Jeff Kasbohm