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17 March 2004


Your March 17th, 2004 Communiqué



In today's e-zine

Answering the question: "Jeff, how did you and how can I build an Internet
art/caricature business like yours"?


Howdy all - and a Happy St. Patty's Day!

Today's communiqué marks the beginning of a stage at YCD: "Gittin' into the green".
Not just because it's St. Patrick's Day, but because at some point, if you're serious
about your art and art work or teaching people how to do art, then it sure is nice to
get something in return for all your hard work. That's what we're going to whip through
today. I did a similar e-zine a month and a half  ago - (see feb first link below), but
today I'd like to send you to a link at YouCanDraw's sister site.

I just posted it, it'll be a growing marketing info center for all those interested in building
and advancing their caricatures and art work as a money making affair. The main gist
of the page focuses on building e-books and a business around one, but as you will
read, the principles are the same for any business. (I try to answer the question people
often ask me: "Jeff, how did you and how can I build an Internet art busines like yours"?)

So check it out, you'll find lot of links to all sorts of other info sites - and valuble programs
as well. Many free (not as many as I'd like, but like I said, this is just the first step
towards a larger info center). Here's the link:

Here's a link to the February 1st, 2004 ezine: which fits nicely with the link above. It's
introduction line reads:

"In today's communiqué: turning your caricature hobby into a money-making
business. Tips on making your first dollar - safely :-)"

Here's the link to that page:

And lastly, here's a link to the "Unique Selling Proposition" (USP) ezine that went out
a couple years back. This page was responsible for more phone calls ("can you help
me do this Jeff?") than any other page I'd ever written. It dovetails nicely with today's
main link (the one at the top) and it fulfills a question you're sure to have if/when you
read the art-business.html link at the top (there's a reference to "USP" that's not
in the page text...yet. :-). Here's the June 2002 email link:

So if you're feeling it's time to begin directing your drawing efforts towards building an
art business - or any business for that matter, then you should have a  good little
Blarney (good Blarney) to chew on today :-)

Keep on drawing, have a great Spring and stay healthy all!


Jeffrey O'Kasbohm
(I'm feeling green today :-)

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