7 August 2000


YouCanDraw.com's Insiders Communique


In this issue - Short and sweet today:

1) Member Steve Blomfield allows us to evaluate some excellent pure contour and modified pure contour drawings of his hand - and YCD.com evaluates his great work.

2) Invitation to send your pictures for evaluation and as part of the
permanent collection.


1) Howdy all - Member contribution:

I did this a little different today - click on the link below and you'll
see the entire lesson fully illustrated: Steve Blomfield, up and coming
caricaturist, actor, guitarist and singer - a real renaissance man, asked me
to give him an honest look-see and evaluation of his pure contour drawings - three of his hand. As I point out right away, the Pure Contour assignments (Lesson 4), are the best way to get deep into r-mode - probably the best way there is. I point out to him that the more detail you observe and record, the deeper you get into it. I find it a truly fascinating process and a bona fide form of meditation.

Accuracy of the overall picture in pure contour is unimportant. It's deep
observation we're after. In Steve's modified contour, the drawings do get a good deal more accurate - since you can now look back and forth between your drawing and your hand. As you'll see, Steve's got his foot well into "the room". Here's parts of our email conversation (click on Link):


2) We'd love to see your drawings at YouCanDraw.com :-)

Folks, how'd you like to get your own page in the Insider's Artist Loft?
For all present and future subscribers to see? For free? Forever? All
you need to do is send me one of your drawings from one of the lessons
demonstrating that lesson. Steve sent me a drawing from the Contour
assignments. (Lessons 4 and 5). Your drawings help fill-out the lessons
very nicely and I think everyone can learn something. (Me included.)

It does take a certain amount of bravery on your part - but I'm not here to
criticize, I want to point out what works in your picture and where you
might need to spend a little more time. Remember, all drawing can be boiled down to the 5 basic skills:

1) Perceiving lines and edges
2) Perceiving spaces (positive from and negative space)
3) Perceiving angles and relations
4) Perspective and proportion
5) the overall, cumulative "Gestalt"

That's it!

If you want to email me your pictures, my email is set up to accept no more than 100 kb from any one sender. My recommendation is to mail your art to me. (If you'd like me to return it to you please send a self addressed stamped envelope.)

Also, if you'd like me to include your email or address (even if it's your
business name, address, number or email) I'll happily do that too.

To send your artwork, mail to:

c/o Kasbohm & Company
4702-c West 130th Street
Hawthorne, Ca

Thanks all - and thank you especially Steve for your courage and
willingness! Keep on Drawing. (We'll be looking at USA member Suzy Voye's drawings in an upcoming issue.)


Jeff K.

Jeff Kasbohm