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Subject: The latest Flash upload: Your 14 August 2003, Communiqué

14 August 2003


Your 14 August 2003, Communiqué


Howdy all!


1) Got valuable information on your PC? You need "UPS"! (and Not the delivery folks:-)  (Note - literally 2and 1/2 hours after this email went out, the East Coast had their huge black out. Am i dangerous or what :-) ?
The latest Flash episode :-)


We're recovering from our computer crash quite nicely - and we're actually well ahead of schedule  almost to the point of being caught up to where we wanted to be by this date before the computer got sick. Just a word of advice: I've been using computers for some 7 years now and have been through 5 hard drives. And all but 1 of the crashes occurred in August: the hottest month of the year. What does heat have to do with it? 1) if your computer isn't in a climate controlled room excessive heat can rapidly age it. But more importantly, in the wider scheme of things, when the energy grid is filled with demand (all those air conditioning units) the number of brown outs and black outs rises exponentially.

These two insults (brown/black-out) are the most deadly attacks your computer has to deal with: changes in the electrical supply. I never knew this! Someone finally pointed this out to me and I happily plunked down the 180 smackers for a Belkin Uninterrupted Power  Supply (UPS). That and some sort of back up system. If you have valuable information on your computer, make the investment. I've learned the hard way too many times - don't make my mistake.

On to today's news...

Part IV of the Flash Interactive Foundations of Drawing "re-visit" is finished. Read below for the latest. Two more Flash Lessons and we're back to caricatures :-)

...this is clipped right off the Archives page - updated about 15 minutes ago...

2) The Third skill of drawing: Recognizing and Perceiving Angles and Proportions

Congratulations! You're clicking right along, correct? I hope so. It's really important you take your time moving through each of the foundations of drawing lessons (part one of this program). Today's lesson covers arguably the toughest concept of drawing - and a persistent obstacle for many beginning artist: reckoning angles and proportion.

In this lesson you'll learn two techniques that will really aid in mastering these difficult concepts. Download the Flash lesson and dive on in! There's a couple inexpensive tools you may need to buy to do this lesson - don't let that stop you! Go through this lesson as many times as you need to until it sinks in. (It builds directly on what you've learned about picture planes and "formats" and "setting a ground" (all covered in previous Flash lessons). See it at the top of the page with today's date...

Your Assignment

So your assignment today is to really dive in to this lesson! Review all the other
lessons building up to this on. The key to caricaturing lies within this lesson! (It may
not seem obvious at first, but you master these skills - or just get a good feel for them,
and you'll know exactly what I mean :-)

Dive on in and don't be afraid!



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