30 October 1999


YouCanDraw.com's Insiders Communique


Well a "big howdy" to all the YouCanDraw.com subscribers!

In this issue:

1) Second in the "Feature by feature" series: noses.

2) "Corky" from Oregon asks: "what's the every-other-weekly caricature for?"

3) Update: Downloadable home version comimng

1) "Feature by Feature".

In the last e-communique, we talked about cartooning ears - which is a
little different than caricaturing - cartooning that is. And how different?
Cartoons are more abstracted drawings than caricatures are. Caricatures are based on real people with real features. Cartoons are a little more "off the top of your head". Both can be completely "off the wall".

Does that mean cartoons and caricatures can't be both? Of course not. You can "cartoon" a caricature as much as you like and still maintain a
likeness. I thinks it's easier to look at a picture and say "this is a
cartoon and that's a caricature" - but hardly all the time. But I'm not
going to say anymore than that about the difference between the two.

The beauty of doing cartoons, in my opinion, is they teach you to draw
"rapid fire" features. If you look at a good cartoonist's drawings, you'll
see they've done the work abstracting from real noses - all the features of an anatomically correct nose can be found in a good cartoon rendering.

If you've been doing your homework :-), I know you'll recognize the three wedges of the nose: the wedge at it's root, the central longer wedge, and the wedge formed at the base - right there at the top of your lip with the nostrils on either side. Look over the cartoons on the "Just for fun page":


I'll bet you could do the whole assignment in 20 minutes or less, and I also guarantee you'll spend more than that once you start having fun with these.

So, your mission for the next 2 weeks: Review the nose anatomy in the nose's main section. Draw a bunch of noses. And, just like with the ear assignments 2 weeks ago, you can:

1) send me a drawing of your nose, or a drawing of a drawing of any old noses, or a drawing of those of a live subject,

2) Or go to the new section on cartoon noses and do the assignment there.

If you haven't done the section on noses yet, concentrate on drawing the nose and it's parts first. Then, you can move into memorizing the anatomy. Then, just for fun try drawing it on a stick figure face. I did some real quick stick figure's with cartoon ears - I put the impetus on just the nose. The rest of the face is pure "stick figure". You'll find the results of your own drawings pretty entertaining.

Send either to me and I'll happily post it on the site as part of the
permanent collection.

You can mail to:

Jeff Kasbohm
c/o Kasbohm & Company
4702-c West 130th Street
Hawthorne, CA 90250

(If you want your drawing returned, please send self-addressed stamped envelope)


2) Corky from Oregon writes:

Hi Jeff! I guess I completely dumbfounded!
> When you send these caricatures to us are they just for us to try and draw?
> Corky

That's a great question Corky. Here's the idea:

1) Firstly, to keep you guys motivated about drawing (It's my friendly
nudge, without being too intrusive) :-)

2) To give you something to evaluate, ("yea, this works" or "no, Jeff,
you completely missed the boat on this one" - you can send me your own
critique if you like and tell me what you think is effective, and what
isn't - I'm no master caricaturist by any means)

3) To try and duplicate and send to me for posting (if it's something you
want to submit for publishing in the Insider's Site (which you are a
member) - I prefer these are done without tracing - though tracing is
an excellent form of warming up - seriously!)...and...

4) as promised at the beginning, to do whatever you like with them - if
you want to use them on your web site, or in an ads, you can do so
royalty free. If you're doing a mailing for business (whatever size) I
ask you keep the "courtesy of www.youcandraw.com" on. (it's free
advertising for me.)


3) Update

Lastly, I've been experimenting with some new software - this
particular software allows you to download the entire "Cyber Lesson Book" on to your hard drive: no more waiting to get on-line, no more waiting forever for pictures to download (I know some of the pages are huge!). You'd have instant access to the everything that's a the main site. Instantly - because right there on your own computer and not off in hurricane ravaged Florida.

I'm going to send out an email in the next few weeks to let you know
there'll be a free copy waiting for you. I'm going to offer it to you free
for a short period of time to present subscribers only - to get your valuable feedback and get the "bugs" out. I know the "book" isn't finished yet, but as an Internet business , I need to start moving YouCanDraw.com to the next level. I'll let you all know how this works (when) it's a raging success! Let me know if something like this (the home use version or running an Internet business) might interest you.

Take care all, keep on drawing,

Jeff k.