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Subject: Your October 21st, every other week

October 21st, 2002


Your October 21st,
every other week caricature


Howdy all,

Just whipped up a drawing for you all: Geraldo Rivera. I can't decide if he's
the king of hype or if he's got more up his sleeve - which doesn't mean I don't
like him - to the contrary. I've liked him since I was a kid - he would host
special interviews on a great old music show "The Midnight Special" and some
other late night Teeny Bop shows in the  early 70's. (I remember that so
well because it would always be hard to get up and do my early morning
paper route :-)

What's notable

What's notable about Geraldo in a drawing sense? Starting from the top: for
a guy pushing 60 he's got and has always had a great head of hair and even
with his advancing years, the hairline comes right down to his eye brows.

His eye brows are bushy with a little more gray peppered in these days, he
has those dark Latino eyes that have a showman's sparkle. The nose is pretty
high on the face - well above Mr. Average's "bottom of the nose line" but
pretty bulbous at it's tip (I barely scratched the exaggeration exploitability
on this one :-)

Mouth and 'stache

The mouth is pretty well hidden under the big old bushy 'stache, but if you look
close, you can see he's got a noticeable asymmetry in his mouth - one
side most definitely drops lower than the other (most noticeable in pictures
where you can see his teeth - go to and copy
and paste "Geraldo Rivera" and click "images" and you'll find plenty of pictures
where you can see this.

What else, oh yes, you can't miss it: Geraldo has a fairly jutting jaw - don't
know if I quite captured it today. I mean I made it big but I'm not sure if it's
really "Geraldo".

Final touches

Nextly, he's got a fairly thick and strong neck, he also wears the professorial
glasses these days more than he used to...and he seems to be in a suit and
tie when he isn't out and about chasing down bad guys.

This drawing was done in one quick swoop today from an 1 and 1/2 inch tall
web picture (tough to do, but doable in a pinch :-), drawn in pencil first
very lightly, then hatched over with 01, 03 and 008 Pigma Micron Technical
Pens. (Relatively cheap and long lasting.) Paper used: Grumbacher Paper for
pens. Original was about 10 and 1/2 inches tall.


Very lastly, I didn't forget about Macy Gray - I'll pick up where I left off with
in the very near future.  

Take care all and keep on drawing!




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