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Subject: Your September 9th, 2002 Communique

September 9th, 2002


Your September 9th, 2002 Communiqué


Howdy all, big upload today. In fact, it got a lot bigger that I had any idea.
It's in response to many questions I've received regarding vanishing points,
the horizon line etc. So, what I've tried to do is review and re-apply several
sections of Lesson 14: Shaping the Head.

For me, I remember it was a real breakthrough discovering drawing "block
head" shapes within a "mitre box" to learn how to capture volume in three-
quarter views of the head and face. (It was my own little invention  - though
I've seen similar approaches in several books was new to me
when I thought I thought it up :-)

So that's what today's ezine links to: a pretty dang big, probably over-explained
rendition of how you can do this yourself. (Please feel free to call my attention
to any really redundant parts in this page or to bad grammar - I've had little
chance to have this proofread by anyone else.)

So here's the link:

And here's the link to the accompanying "Flash" attachment - if it doesn't
download from the page, just click on this and you can re-down load it. (It
will be disabled at the on-line site shortly - so download it while you can!
( It will be included in all upcoming CD's ordered after the 15th of September.))

Keep on drawing, and peace to all on this eve of 9/11


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