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Subject: "Flash" alert!  Your April 30th, 2003 Communique

April 30th, 2003


Your April 30th
, 2003


Howdy folks!

you're being supplied today with a link to the Archives. In the "From the Top" section
(at the top of the archives :-) you'll find a link to the latest, the greatest, the first of
the next series of Flash interactive exercises. This next set will focus on the basics of
drawing - an area that we all can use review. And since I'm a certified Drawing on
the Right Side of the Brain
(DRSB) Instructor, I'm going to do my best to really convey those basic skills in an interactive format (the "Flash" stuff).

Today's download is slightly out of order, but I just didn't have enough time to do the
pure contour exercise that ought to come before this. (That'll be next month - as well
as more links and more information apropos to pure contour and modified contour

The biggee though in today's exercise is understanding and using the Picture Plane.
The picture plane will play a key role in the rest of these DRSB and it's a fascinating
and fundamental step in learning to draw. So check it out. My apologies if some
parts of it seem a little disjointed but overall I think you'll be very satisfied. Please
make it a point to really build or purchase a "Picture Plane" over the next month. It's
that important.

Here's the link - and it's sizable: about 4.1 megabytes.
Go to the Archives and right there at the very top of the "From the Top" section, you'll see "April 30th on me"

Click on it and choose to "Save on my computer":

Enjoy - this took a chunk of work to do, and I bid you, really do the assignment!!

You'll love it!



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