Hi all!

Here's the final Magic Johnson caricature. I've included the realistic 
sketch in the upper left. In the next communique we'll go into an evaluation 
of it. So I recommend printing this out or putting the email in a place you 
can find again in a week. (I know, I said it would be in this one but I'm 
buying a little time - the NEW YouCanDraw.com sales site will be up in the 
next few days and it's a time sponge. Not to worry, everything else will 
remain the same.)

I'd also love to tell you that the Spock caricature - the very same one you 
see and have access to in the both the old sales site and in the Art Gallery 
was just rented for $250.00 for a tenth grade Language Arts text book (it'll 
be used in the guess where - op-ed pages). Holt, Winston and Rinehart is the 
publisher. It was used as is, right off the Internet (which is actually why 
I let go so inexpensively - I didn't have to do anything from scratch and 
it's low resolution). He's still there to keep an eye on "sys-ops" or 
whatever techies call it. 

I'm just telling you that so you know you're getting "non-fluff", valuable 
pictures (and of course there's a little pride thing in there too - I'm a 
proud poppa :-). And you get it for your personal use (or for your small 
biz), royalty free!

Remember all questions, inquiries, and comments are appreciated. None will 
go unanswered. Keep on drawing!


Jeff K.

Kasbohm & Company's


Copyright, All rights reserved 1997

e-mail: jeffkaz@YouCanDraw