Subject: YouCanDraw: quick note...Happy Halloween!

30th October 2003


Your 30th October 2003, Communiqué


Howdy all!

just a quick note today. I'm taking a short vacation (running off to Los Angeles for
Halloween and seeing all sorts of old friends...put out a fire or two...sorry, that
was real bad...). So I'm just sending this quick note that there'll be no in-depth
email today.

All the latest orders have been sent out with the completely updated YouCanDraw
e-Sourcebook (you may have already received yours). I'll answer any emails when
I get back. And if you are in Southern California I hope you are safe, sound and
completely out of harm's way. If you've just signed on, make sure you
check this out:

-------------------------------------from previous email----------------------------------------

All updated

Today's news is this: we've gotten the Archives up to date. And, if you haven't
downloaded your copies of the Flash Interactive lessons, there's a quick download
center just to the right in the black box at the very top of the e-magazine Archives.
There's tons of info in those Flash lessons and you'll really miss out if you don't
study them - plus they're fun :-) ...and part of your sign-up fee.

Theres' also a link to the bottom of this huge page (click on the blue "2003" at
the top right of the off-yellow year-link bar) where you can catch up on all of 2003
e-Communiques. A few caricatures in there too. Go here to see it all:

Warmly, and have a Happy Halloween!


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