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Subject: Flash! download ready: "The Second Skill of
  Drawing: Negative Spaces"

19 July 2003


Your 19 July 2003,   Communiqué


Howdy all!

Hope you're having a wonderful Summer. As has been the mode the last couple
months, I'll keep this message short and sweet :-). The latest in a series of Flash
Lessons reviewing the Foundations of Drawing is hot off the presses and ready for
your learning enjoyment. Pick up your copy here (it's included in your sign-up fee).

You can find the link right at the top of the page under today's date in the "From
the Top section:

If you're just signing up

If you're just signing up, make sure you go to the Archives and read through the
"From the Top" box at the top. You'll find several other Flash downloads that
are not on the CD. Get your copy! :-).

Today's download is an excursion into one of the neatest little secrets in drawing:
negative space. Learning to recognize and utilize negative space will not only get
you out of any drawing pickles you get yourself into, but it'll really grow your
sense of composition. (Not, Kosher Dills, or Vlasic type pickles, but "pickles"
as in "tough spots", that's clear now, right? :-)

Sorry about the inconvenience

I also apologize for forcing you to go to the Archives (and not supplying a direct
link from this email) but the last several times I've done this it's ended up on several
email lists and the server was bombarded with requests from
you must go to the Archives. Sorry about the inconvenience.


We're about one and a half Flash Lessons from finishing the "Foundations of
Drawing" department. After that (in about 6 weeks I imagine) it's back to......

So get your "Second Skill of Drawing: Negative Spaces" copy today, do the
assignment and have a great weekend! I'm heading for the beach myself :-)

Happy drawing! ...warmly...


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