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Subject: Flash Interactive! - Your May 14th, 2002 every
  other week Communiqué

May 14th, 2002


Your May 14th, 2002
every other week Communiqué


Howdy all,

it's the latest, the greatest, it's this months issue of Flash Interactive
mania! Ok ok, that's a lot of hype. But seriously, today marks the delivery
of the fourth and final Flash Interactive Exercise (for this phase of the book)
 - exercise Number Four at that. It's really a continuation of  Flash Interactive
Number Three - though this will stand on it's own two feet.

The focus: discovering your own built-in scale system (spinning off Mr.
Average of course). And I think by contrasting and comparing side by side
focused pictures you'll gain yet more laser sharp skills of observation and
gain the confidence to start stepping off into your own hilarious caricatures
(or portraits - the lessons suit one as well as the other). It's also concludes
part II of a giant assignment initiated in Exercise three. Chip away at it folks :-)

So here's the download link (it's about 2.2 megabytes):

Our plans after this? To clean up the existing site, get caught up on
lots of older lessons; and I think we may re-outline the main 'Drawing on
The Right Side of The Brain' lessons in Flash. A whole slue of new exercises
have been planned too, but we'll be piecing them together over time.

So have at it folks, please give me your feedback. Also, now that you
have the four finishing Flash Exercises, go through all four in a single
sitting and see if you don't get a glimmer of the "Big Picture".

If you see any holes or gaps, please call my attention to those too.
Your input is always greatly appreciated.

Until next week, keep on drawing


Jeffrey O. Kasbohm
Executive Director

(952) 920-9827
6920 Southdale Road
Minneapolis, MN  55435

"Once and for all  getting you drawing faces and caricatures"