20 June 2002


Your June 20th, 2002
YouCanDraw.com Insider's Communique


In today's issue:

Archives - all updated!

2) Reviewing some ground rules on sending pictures


Howdy all,

Did about 5 hours of house cleaning yesterday and re-updated the Archives - everything
since October 24th, 2001. Twenty eight web pages, one dozen medium to high resolution
caricatures, and oodles of enclosed links. Yep, we were behind.

So that's going to be the e-zine today: a link to the archives. If you've just joined,
I strongly recommend going there and in particular go there to look for the Flash
Interactive links. Heck I'll just give you those links:

Flash download links:





There's only four right now - so if your computer tells you you all ready have a copy,
don't bother re-downloading it. (You'll save yourself time.) Read the download info
(best found at the 9 Jan 02 ezine - it's the first link above).

Here's the overall Archive link:


2) An outpouring of enthusiasm!

Folks I have to tell you, I've been absolutely inundated with pictures both online
in emails and by snail mail. The interest and enthusiasm is very, very gratifying! But...

Here's the hitch:

I can't get back to all of you right away - I will try, so be patient. Since there's only
one person who answers all the emails, does all the drawing, web mastering,
marketing, office grunt work, writing...(that's me :-)...things get stretched a little thin
around here. (We have a little help out of the fulfillment department - the guys who
send out the CD's.)

So here's some ground rules

You can send pictures if you like. (I love 'em), but I cannot promise I'll get back to
you on them. Emailed questions are of course always welcome especially if they're
general questions that everybody will benefit from. Every now and then I WILL do a
major work-up of some one's drawing (like the recent Suzy Voye page) in fact, I think
from the feedback I've been getting, that's the approach that really works best for
everybody's continued learning. So please think through your questions and formulate
them with the thought that hundreds of other people will want to benefit from what
you ask. (For instance "Jeff, there's somethng about these eyes I'm just not able
to get - is it the shadowing? the perspective? or am I drawing too much line where
there should be shade?")

b) Now if you do send a picture, and you want it back, you must include a self-addressed
envelope with the right amount of postage. And I still can't guarantee I'll comment on
it (there's only so much time in the day - I know you understand). And I think we'll be
charging to do this soon - it's the only way I can make it work equitably - and remain
sane :-)

c) When/if you send something, YOU always maintain the copyright, but by sending a
picture (email or snail mail), it's implied that you're giving me the right to use it as part
of the book for educational purposes (so you'll be published too:-) or in the zines. That way,
when I do go into depth answering an email or go into detail evaluating a drawing, I can get
double duty out of the effort. Does that make sense? If you don't like that agreement, and
you've sent pictures, PLEASE tell me now - I'll honor whatever you tell me. I think if you look
through the Archives and see how past pictures have been utilized you'll be quite happy
with the way they've been used.

Not trying to be wet towel here, but I must be able to get through the work that has to get
done to make YouCanDraw.com work for all. But I WILL try to comment on as many
drawings as I can! So again, please be patient. Ok. Got that off my chest. I feel better :-)

So I wish all of you a great week, week-end, dive back into the Archives, draw, draw
and keep on drawing!


Jeffrey O. Kasbohm
Executive Director

(952) 920-9827
6920 Southdale Road
Minneapolis, MN 55435

"Once and for all getting you drawing faces and caricatures"