Quick review of what you've learned so far 
and drawing your first face: 

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In this lesson you'll get a quick review of the skills of drawing you've been exposed to this far. Repetition, repeated exposure, rehearsing again and again what you've been learning will help you pull the draw string back  farther and sending you farther and farther into the artistic landscape and closer and closer to your goals. After the review you'll learn some basic facial proportions and then do a drawing of a face in profile. Click on the picture just below for the accompanying Flash lesson (Note: If you're accessing this on-line, go to the Flash link center in the upper right hand corner of the Archives page.):

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Lesson 14 masterlink page 
(Masses and shapes of the head and face)
Lesson 14 masterlink page
(Masses and shapes of the head and face)
Lesson 15: book within a book - the caricature case studies Lesson 15: book within a book - the caricature case studies
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