31 July 2001



YouCanDraw.com's Insider Communiqué



We're back!

Hi all. It's been a long and harrowing 2 weeks. I sent out an email 2 weeks ago reportingwe'd be taking a Summer break. We had some catching up to do but we also had a computer with a "cold". Turns out the little "cold" was a major malfunction and we lost the entire main controlling hard drive. And wouldn't it figure it was the one with everything on it. But not to worry. We've been absolutely diligent about backing up everything of importance. The delay has been in getting the computer back from the shop. (Seems with the unexpected blackouts and the normally somewhat unstable South Bay Los Angeles power grid, lots of computers have been taking a beating. So we had to wait in line like everyone else.)

We did have some trouble backing up the e-zine file (it's all in "Eudora", an e-mail program), and it's difficult to decipher one e-zine from the other. But Suzy Voye has saved all the old zines and will be forwarding them to us so we can get them uploaded to the On-line site. So we here at YCD.com all have a lot to thank her for. (Thanks Suzy - you're a Godsend!)


Silver Lining

This is the third hard drive failure in 28 months so we're veterans at digging out after these kinds of disasters. It's always a chance to upgrade - and upgrade we have: we've added 512 mb of memory - giving us almost 700 mb of memory and two new 40 gig hard drives to the main computer. We've also made preparations to start adding video (though that's a ways off.) It's truly a multi-media machine now - which will truly benefit the breadth and depth of how we can serve you.

New Subscribers

If you've subscribed in the last 10 days, not to worry, your CD will be in the mail in the next 48 hours. (We had no way of getting the order information from the bank). But it's all arrived safely - thanks so much for your generous patience.

Business as usual

So, without further ado, we'll back to business as usual this week - keep your eyes peeled for the next issue! All lost weeks will be added to your subscription period. Keep on drawing, and talk to you all soon. (Feels good to be back :-)


Jeffrey O. Kasbohm
Executive Director

"Once and for all - getting you drawing faces and caricatures"