15 August 2001


New Username and Password @ YouCanDraw.com


Hi all, Just a quick note. With two computer crashes and a multitude
of security breaches in the last several months, we're installing a new
"shell" around the on-line site . And slated for October we might be adding a
second "shell". (Shells are password protected layers.)

What's that mean to you?

Two layers of protection means there might be  one username and two
passwords. Yes I know that's an inconvenience, but it's the only way to
keep things protected right now. But for right now, starting today, you can
start using the new username and password. I'll keep you posted when
(and if), the second shell is installed.

Here's the NEW username and Password

When you link to the online site (http://www.ycdinsiders.digitalchainsaw.com),
you'll get a pop-up screen. Type the following exactly as follows - better yet,
if you cut (ctrl + c), and paste (ctrl + v), each word into it's line, you'll have
more hassle free access:

username: xxxxxxx
password:  xxxxxxxx

They must be typed in exactly. Also, if you attempt more than once in a
30 second period  - and you get turned away, you'll have to wait 1-5 minutes
to retry. (I didn't design it this way, but it's a good deterrent to hackers.)

Print this out and keep in a safe place....Please keep confidential.

Still a few bugs

I'm told by the Digital Chainsaw techs (where the site is stored), they're still
working on some bugs in their program. Please be patient. I apologize ahead
of time for any inconveniences. Please forward me a note regarding any
problems you have accessing the online site.

Thanks all. Keep on drawing and have a fantastic week!


Jeffrey O. Kasbohm
Executive Director

"Once and for all  getting you drawing faces and caricatures"