1 September 2004


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Boot Camp module on drawing the nose -)



Howdy all,

Been awhile! Yep, it's been slow going around here (life has a way of showing up), plus this latest Flash module has taken tediously long. BUT it's done! It's the next "boot camp" module concentrating on noses and how to draw them, how to spot edges, negative spaces, angles, proportions, highlights and shadows within them and ...in a word, a quick review of the basics of drawing. You'll also get a whole new layer of information on things to look for in and around the nose. (You'll see this email repeated there too.) Click for your copy:


Review your drawing basics! If any of the review sections in this module seem vague, take advantage of the links they hook you up with the Foundation lessons. The key to all drawing - caricature or realistic - is contained in those basics of drawing lessons. Rehearse them like you'd rehearse parts of a play and you WILL get this!

Also, you'll get a little more grooming on learning to see geometric shapes and primitive forms. These can help your volume-sense. What the heck does that mean? It means feeling volume and capturing volume in your drawings by learning to "see" primitive forms in your drawing subject, even if you're not drawing it (you can "visualize" it). I'm not sure how well the point will come across unless you do the assignments, but I tried to further the concept here. -)


Andrew Loomis link

Also, there's a link on the last page of this Flash module - it's a link to an on-line version of Andrew Loomis' awesome book on drawing the head and hands. I can't guarantee how long the link will be good (because it's at someone else's site) so get to it while you can. Loomis was an artist from the 40's and 50's (born in the late 1800's) who just plain wrote some of the best drawing books out there (though he kind of assumed - unlike YouCanDraw - that you already know how to draw). -- Note: link no longer working as of Oct. 2004 --- but keep checking.  :-(


About the download

It's huge! It's about 14 megabytes in size, it's included in your sign up price so it's all pre-paid. Make sure you have enough room on your computer or you'll get cut off in the middle or your computer will lock up. Why make it so huge? I made it huge because many of the pictures have so much detail, you need a large copy. It's important to me you get the full impact. [ Hint click on the big square in the upper right hand corner of the Flash screen - it'll fill your whole computer screen up. (You can always shrink the screen right back down again if your computer starts running too slow.) ]


One more Flash module / lesson to go

The last module is in the planning stages - hopefully it'll be done in 4-5 weeks - it won't be as big as this one on the nose (it'll be on the mouth and lips). And then I'll be taking a short respite and we'll pick up where we left off in the late Spring on getting back to the every other week e-zines. Not to worry, any missed e-zines will be added on at the tail end of your subscription. If it's been over 18 months since you signed up, watch for notices for re-subscription. OK! Click on this link below (which takes you to the Archives) and you'll see the link.



Keep on drawing! Warmly,



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