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23 February 2001
(picture at bottom)


Your Every Other Week Caricature: 
final of Ani DiFranco


Good day everybody,

How you're all enjoying a rip roarin' weekend  - or at least a relaxing one. I almost
didn't send today's picture of Ani Di Franco - I felt it turned out too mean. Not that
there's anything inherently wrong with being mean, or that sometimes caricature
just IS mean - (though it doesn't have to be at all) - the results just weren't what I was looking for. (Besides, being mean, cruel and nasty is too easy.)

Truth is I genuinely LIKE Ani and it wasn't/isn't my goal to dishonor her. The time
just wasn't available to draw her picture like I wanted to. With that said, I'm sending it.
It does bring up a point that's worth visiting for a moment. It's simply this: rarely will a
picture or a painting or a caricature for that matter, turn out exactly the way you
planned or foresaw it.

The trick is to learn to accept the outcome and gracefully move on. Easier  said
than done. Right? Yes, right.  And I've said this before too - once you get away
from it for a while, it often seems to get better all by itself in the meantime. 
With one deadline after another there's no choice around here. Get it done.
Get to the next project. You can always go back and try fixing it ("it" being
whatever it is you're trying to build.)

Learning to recognize a  "finished" project is another related and sometimes
difficult concept. With that said, I think I just got done repeating what I just said
in the first paragraph. Just not as well. See what I mean? With that I'll move along
here. (I do have to say I chuckled a little evilly after I came back from my break.)

Keep on drawing and have a great weekend!




Jeffrey O. Kasbohm
Executive Director

"Once and for all - getting you drawing faces and caricatures"