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August 24th 2001
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Your Every Other Week Caricature:
George Clooney


Hi all,

today's caricature is of North American TV show's "E.R." George Clooney -
the doctor women love to swoon over and men admire. Today's drawing was
done in pen and ink after a quick pencil sketch.

What's notable about Mr. Clooney

Let's briefly go right down the list. His hair is close cropped, almost a "hat
head" sort of look. I say hat head because of the way it hugs his head like
he was just wearing a tight hat (so "hat head"). This look always seems to
be asking for a small head - or shrunken 'top of the head' above the eyes.

Speaking of the eyes, George has friendly eyes, open eyes, unassuming eyes.
The big lashes, and apparent large eye size make them that way I think. His
cheek bones are wide and round; the nose is smallish with medium strength
angles (as opposed to industrial strength corners like a Clint Eastwood). Lips
are full, but the overall span of the mouth is going to be small when you set it
below the large cheek bones and the big strong chin and jaw. Mr. Clooney
also sports an athletic look, he's got a strength about him so a thick neck
seems to add  to that air.

Where this drawing got a little rough:  Imposing artificial light

I think I'm going to play with this picture  a little more for the next issue. We'll
see. Why? I want to play with the lighting and the exaggeration more. Imposing
an artificial light source (which is what I did), doesn't always remain consistent.
And you can see that in this picture and probably most obviously along the lower
border of the chin, there's something that isn't quite right. The problem? The shadow
runs unnaturally over the shirt collar where it ought to contour and seems to defy
the overall direction of the light (which comes from the front and right).

How to remedy this?

Firstly, I have to draw what's really there (I think the photo was one of those
papparazzi "in your face" flash shots that obscures the natural lighting as  well
as casts it's own shadows).

Secondly, if I took a few breaks while drawing the picture, rather than steam
rolling through, it would have been much more authentic, more accurate. Taking
short breaks and taking a literal step back from your drawing - especially when
you feel stuck - can do a great deal fro your perspective and give your subconscious
a chance to identify the problem areas. So like I said above, I'd like to play with
this picture a little more for several reasons. We'll see what can be cooked up
in the next 2 weeks. Of course I reserve the right to draw anyone else if it
grabs me. :-)

Email : word from the technical department

Ok, the "technical dept" (well that's just me with my frustration hat on), tells
me they think the email is fixed, though  I received a whole gang of emails with
no messages - more than likely the message part of the email was removed
at the server level. If you sent me a message in the last month, you got no
response and the question is still pressing, by all means, please send me
another note.

This Weekend: Discovery Channel show on the face - looks great!

If you live in the USA or have access to US or British television, or get the
Discovery Channel, John Cleese will be hosting a fascinating show dedicated
entirely of the human face. It runs Part I and II Sunday and Monday eves here
in L.A. and looks fascinating.

Check out the Discovery web site for more in-depth info and details for TV
listings in your area:


or check out the Yahoo TV listings for your area:


That's all for today. Keep on drawing and have a marvelous weekend.


Jeff K.

Jeffrey O. Kasbohm
Executive Director

"Once and for all  getting you drawing faces and caricatures"