Happy New Year everybody!

I suppose a few of you though the y2k bug got a hold of me. Well, I squeezed
by with only one small problem and I have that covered. I'm sending you this
notice today because I have the finished (and long awaited) first case
study, (of Keith Richards). I had to really check myself because this could
have gone on forever.

I'd love your feed back: Do you think the lesson explains enough? Too
little? (Some of you were asking for more in-depth stuff on caricatures and
I think this will give those of you looking for that a little more to chew on.

For those of you who wanted something simple, you might be upset with me. In
the next case study I'll try to do a simple, straight ahead front view. This
one is of a three quarter view, fully "volumized" caricature. Either way I
hope all of you can benefit from it, (it's been an excellent learning
experience for me - to really organize my take on this)

In all I uploaded four web pages that print out at a total of over 40 pages,
a gang of pictures and illustrations, and one animation (on the "lesson 15"
page - see link below)



Some pretty nifty features I think are the links to other photos on the web
and an "interlink" feature where if you click on the large picture of Keith
(at the top of all the pages) - that is if you click on any feature of his
face - you'll be transported to that section.

Anything else? The pages are still sizable, so please be patient. (I
mentioned this before - I'll be offering the whole entire site as a
download able program here shortly.)

That's it for now, "Light and Shadow" is the next section I need to get
uploaded, then all the case studies after that. Look forward to the next
caricature with in the next week.

Longer range, we're planning an "Advanced Anatomy" section where you'll get
to see all the facial muscles in action, all their functions explained -
and animated. We're also exploring sound and video clips to help drive
important points home. But that's a little ways off.

Take care all, please send me your comments - all and any are appreciated.