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Subject: Flash is back! Your June 19th Communique

June 19th, 2003


Your June 19th, 2003


Howdy all,

Big upload today! It's the latest in the Flash Interactive Lesson series. As you
might recall we're re-hashing the most salient lessons from the Foundations of
Drawing section as we make our way through the entire book. Since I'm a certified
"Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain" (DRSB) instructor, well that'll be what
you get - DRSB instructions :-).

Today's download is about 4 megabytes in size, is jam-packed with info and will
be posted for about 1 week - during that time get your copy! :-) After that you'll
have to go to the Archives to get it.

It's important you've worked your way through the "Understanding the Picture
" Lesson - it'll be harder to make sense of this one if haven't yet. (You can
find that in the Archives.) Speaking of the Archives, they're in a little disarray -
please bear with me. I'll have it cleaned up in the next two weeks and you'll also
find a more short explanatory companion page to this Flash lesson.

So get your copy today (it's included in your purchase price) and I'd love it if
you gave me some of your impressions, suggestions, and criticisms or compliments
on how to make it better etc. ....


Enjoy! These are lot of work to make - but well worth the effort  - since
they're for you :-)



PS - m.d. of   D. Barry book fame - watch for SWF :-)