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Subject: Your 5 August, 2002 every other week caricature

5 August 2002


Your 5 August, 2002
every other week caricature


Howdy all,

hope all's well out there in land :-) I just have to tell all of you who've
just signed up in the last 7 days your CD's are in the mail (International mail is going
out Tuesday am.) Why the delay? Well we finally have the Flash Interactive Exercises
incorporated into the CD. (Wasn't as hard as I thought it was going to be :-) So I just
wanted to make sure you had the head's up about that. Your CD's are on their way.

Today's picture is of TV newsman extraordinaire Ted Koppel and I'll cut to the chase about
what strikes me as most caricaturable (most is fairly obvious):

1) The overall shape of  the head: starts with a very squared off chin and just keeps
expanding / inflating as you head north (go up towards the hair that is).

2) Ted has the most old school, 60's low crop head mop I've seen since Ringo Starr :-)
And if we weren't all so used to seeing it, I think it'd be a doo that would get a lot more
attention. Note how close it comes to touching the brows and the eyes.

3) Speaking of the eye brows, note how small the gap is  between eye brows and
eyelids. (On men this is also an area that's normally narrowed. In women this area
is much wider topped with thinner, linear brows.) 

4) The eyes have deep "L" shaped lines that border the upper eye lid and drop - whoosh
right down to the upper cheeks. Lots of crow's feet there too that make the curve up
over the top of the cheekbones almost palpable.

5) The nose stretches well below the "bottom of the nose line" of Mr. Average and
is most definitely bulbous-tipped - a big, round, grandfatherly / Santa Claus nose
and. All that after a rather narrow beginning at it's root (at the point which the nose comes
out of the forehead). All this points so far, to hilarious comic potential. (If that's what
you want...if you're feeling evil...  :-)

6th) And last and the most important part of Mr. Koppel's face I think: the lips. The most
distinguishing feature is not the hair, the nose, the eyes, the wide ears or wide head. All
those contribute. But the most subtle and the most trademark part is the upper
lip and in particular the slightly pouty and slightly besmirked "Cupid's Bow": the
little extra curve right there in the center of the upper lip. Capture that and I think you
capture Mr. Koppel.

Click here for a decent picture or go to Google and do an "images" search for
Ted Koppel:

Take care all, hope you're having a great Summer (in the northern hemisphere) and a great
Winter there on the other side (I almost said "underside") of the world.

And keep on drawing!



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