11 July 2004


Your 11 July 2004, YouCanDraw.com Communiqué


In today's e-zine - more Flash lessons!

Howdy all,

In today's ezine: Flash Eyes'

Moving along at glacier speed here...but today marks the next section -
the next Flash Lesson I should say - devoted solely to drawing eyes. I think
earlier today I dubbed this middle section of the program the "Boot Camp"
section because it really grills you and challenges you to dig in, apply
what you've learned in the foundation lessons to very specific, drawable
parts of the anatomy. And that's the second part of drawing really great
faces, caricatures - anything for that matter: really mastering detail. In
this case drawing eyes.

Learning to believe all that detail is there, so you'll see it and be able to
it". (The first part of course is understanding the foundations). That's
my goal for you.

Revisiting your goal

The goal of these middle lessons is to leave with the facial features - how
to draw them, and what to look for - literally etched into your brain. You
ought to be able to draw eyes from memory after this. So click on the link,
download your copy and go to town! Get your right here (it's included in your
purchase price):


One last thing:
as I said about 2 months ago I will add on to the
far end of your subscription any issues of the e-zine that are missed
(reason being is these Flash lessons are tedious and time consuming
and it's just too hard to produce both flash and e-zines and do them
well). I know you understand.

So, your assignment: Dive on in and really do the assignments!



PS - if some of the links aren't working they will be by the time they're
all packed into the latest e-Sourcebook...just around the bend.

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