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Subject: Your  May 7th, 2002 every other week
  caricature: Frank Zappa

May 7th, 2002


Your  May 7th, 2002
every other week caricature: Frank Zappa


Howdy and...

Happy Mother's day to all! And every one has a mother so we can all celebrate
and Frank Zappa and the MOTHERS of Invention will celebrate with you. (Actually
it was only one of those coincidences that there was a "mother" in any of this for
today's caricature, though in a kind of an off color sort of way. Well, heck, this is
a caricature site, right? :-)

I'll bet there's over 100,000 hatches in this one! The original's about 15 inches tall
(There's another 3 inches at least that didn't make it through the scanner on the
bottom end and probably another 3 to 4 of hair inches off to the side.) I think the
original pencil sketch took less than 5 minutes to draw (a good picture really helps)
and the hatching took another 2 and 1/2 hours. I used a Micron Pigma 01 technical
pen (which is pretty dang fine), and an 08 for the heavier facial outlines and for the
lines in the hair.

There's a smattering of Micron Pigma 03 in a few places. If you get into ink cross-
hatching at all, it's a little tedious but it's worth the effort I think. I've also found
keeping the pen as vertical as possible while hatching gets the most even line
as well as 2-3 three times more mileage out of them. Literally.

To see the original photo

Go to Google, click on "images", type in "Frank Zappa" and you'll immediately
see the photo this picture was drawn from: (third from the left, second's
the following link except I can't get it to pop up in the browser window for the life
of me. ( z/zappaxf.html) It does show up on the
Google page.

If you just signed up

Also if you've just signed up, make sure you get your copies of the first three Flash
Interactive exercises. (I'll send more info on "Flash" in the next Communiqué). But
here's the links anyway:

The latest and last Flash Interactive Exercise for phase one of the
ebook is almost completed - should be out in a week, possibly 2 (we
have to finish Suzy Voye's portrait lesson too, AND update the showcase...
shees, we're way too busy around here :-)

Take care all, keep on drawing - remember, just a little every day and you WILL
make progress. That's a guarantee.

Happy Mom's Day!

Jeffrey O. Kasbohm
Executive Director

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