30 September 2003


Your 30 September 2003,
YouCanDraw.com Communiqué


Howdy all!

Well today marks a major landmark: all the ingredients to arguably the
biggest, most complete, widest ranging, interactive e-drawing book on the
web, if not anywhere on the planet are now in place :-). And you know what?
None of that's important if it doesn't help you learn how to draw.

Still, I'm pretty dang proud (and relieved) to have the bulk of the work behind me.
It's been a long time... So, on to today's email:

In today's email the following link will hook you up to the last of the Foundation
lessons: Light, Shadow and drawing your own self portrait. It requires a solid grounding
in all the previous 6 months worth of Flash Interactive Lessons. (For those of you just
signing up these are all available in the Archives - if they're not readily find able
they will be in two weeks - I'm behind on updating everything but will be getting
the on-line version of the book all up to date. So don't worry :-)

Without further ado: click on the link below for your copy of the Self-portrait/
Light and Shadow lesson. (please limit yourself to one download - and I
recommend getting it promptly. I'll be disconnecting the link from this email
in about a week.


Lastly - it got really ridiculously big (almost 9 megabytes) so be patient
when downloading. Dive on in and happy drawing! I'm taking a break :-)



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