September 29th, 2001


Your every other week caricature


Hi all,

Well I got back on the horse so to speak this week. I chose a fairly neutral
subject to draw: country singer / songwriter and hell raiser Billie Joe Shaver.
Frankly I never heard of him before - discovered him while paging through
Tower Record's "Pulse" music industry magazine. (page 48-50 in the June 2001
issue. I've included a scanned photo of the original (by Jim Herrington), but
I can't include the picture in the permanent archives: that would be copyright
infringement. (In fact I'm coming pretty close to that right now including the
original :-) Here's a link to Pulse again:

And here's a link to Pulse's online index of artists - it's a fantastic source:

What I think is notable about Mr. Shaver's face

I'm shootin' from the hip here, but this is what grabbed me - and I'll avoid any
drawn out description: the hair. Billie's got a frock of white, fine slightly foofed-
up hair and a goodly amount of it too! Note how far down the forehead his hair
wants to march (at least in the "original" picture - see the attached picture that
ends with "...\billie-original-rdy.jpg" or see the link at the bottom of this page).

In comparison to the cheekbones and hair, the forehead seems narrow. Shrinking
it and amplifying the mass of the hair would/could really add to the overall caricature

The eyes are dark and deep set with the brows riding right on top of upper lid (which
is really much more deeply recessed then the bony brow). The nose touches
on a pug look - with the narrow and straight bridge and middle "diamond" (the
middle diamond" is the central geometric shape you can see between the "root"
of the nose - where the nose pops out of the forehead - and the bulbous tip.)

The tip of his nose seems to come to a fine point resting on a nasal base that's
almost arrow shaped. (Remember, these are things that I think are caricaturable.
also remember the nasal base is the part of the nose just above the upper lip.)
He's got a really well defined "philtrum" - that little canal between the base of the
nose and the upper lip. It's got subtle shadowing too. Which leads us to the
narrow upper lip. Narrow in both height and in breadth.

Don't miss those long lines that run down alongside both the cheeks (the
naso-labial folds) and the corners of the mouth. These are mainly shadow shapes
rather than lines. Look at the caricature to see how they were handled with
cross-hatched ink technical pen. Squint your eyes to collapse "too much detail"
into more manageable shapes.

Lastly the chin is square with a good dimple. And speaking of shadow shapes,
notice that almost half the chin (the lower half),  is shadowed. There's no real strong
highlight in this picture: thought the light seems to be coming strongest from
the upper left - his right.

And very very lastly, note the overall shape of the head: from chin to top of all
that hair I see something of a "v" shape. How about you?

Link to Mr. Shaver

And here's a link to Billie Joe Shaver - and you know what? I'm adding this
as an afterthought and the same picture I sent is right there at the web site!
So you get double reinforcement. What a deal. :-)

So that's it for today. Hope you're well and at least getting a little drawing time
back in.

Take care, talk you soon,



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