Happy Holidays Everybody!

Here's yet another one from the archives: President Richard Nixon. This
Caricature dates back to 1989; it's about 18 inches tall and took 3 scans to
stuff the whole thing into the computer. (Can you find the scan lines?)

It was drawn entirely with pencil using my finger to do all the smudging,
(to the best of my memory...), on plain old run of the mill bright white paper I bought at a drug store. I used a #6b lead in a mechanical pencil lead
holder wrapped up in 3/4 inch of athletic tape (keeps your finger from going
numb when you're drawing for long periods).

For those of you following the feature by feature mini-series, look closely
at the ears and nose: can you identify the different parts of each? (the
three wedges of the nose - [top, middle, and bottom] - and the 3 main parts
of the ear - [the outer helix including the lobe, the anti-helix, and the
"shadow area"].)

Keep on drawing, I appreciate all your questions and comments!
Have a great Holiday Season.



Richard Nixon