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Subject: Your April 23d 2002 every other week
  caricature: Mark Twain

April 23rd, 2002


every other week caricature: Mark Twain


Howdy all,

This issue's  caricature is of none other than turn of the century, Southern
Gentleman and supposed misanthrope  Sam Clemens aka, Mark Twain. I'm
going to save the evaluation today for another day because I've got more to
pass on to you such as....

the Showcase site!

It's up and running and we've had a few brave souls jumping into the fray offering
their pictures up for all to see. I'm loving everything we're getting too - from the
first time drawers (you keep it up all of you :-) to the truly professional. ALL are
inspiring in their own ways. Check 'em out:

If you want to see your art work on-line, here's the basic rules:

keep file sizes down to 300 kb per picture or less (preferably
less than 150 kb per picture.

2) No more than 3 pictures per send ("per send" means per email) unless
you notify me and I give you the OK; files must be one of the following 4 types:


Any scanner or image editing program has at least one of not all of these
files types;

3) I'm allowing people to send their contact addresses (home phone,
biz address, even web site address), and I'd prefer to have your email posted
with your site so you all can talk amongst each other. (I'm avoiding a chat
room - they just get too out of control).

3b) I just don't have the time to act as an in-between between artists and clients;
if you want real exposure contact Tad Barney at "the Nose", he's the pro in that

Tad Barney Phone: 513-831-1584
The NOSE Caricature Co. Toll Free: 888-234-7158 Fax: 509-756-6456
903 Walnut St., Milford, OH 45150

but please don't let that get in the way of you sending your stuff - any visibility
is better than none :-)

4) You retain all copyrights (not me), this a good thing :-)

5) Tell us something about yourself, your drawing aspirations, etc.

6) Make sure you type "showcase" in the Subject line of your email so
I can differentiate what's from who (I get over 200 emails a day - make it
easy for me to see you. Thanks :-)

Lastly, if you've just signed up...

Make sure you get the three Flash Interactive Exercises - please limit yourself to
one copy and keep the address confidential. (I've attached excerpts from previous



"...The object of today’s communiqué is to further drill home the concepts
of visually sizing up your subjects. In particular, today’s focus is on
the vertical landmarks of the face - and it’s easier than you think because
there’s really only two you have to memorize (there were 5 horizontal
landmarks). And we're delivering them you hot off the Hi-tech press:
Flash Interactive Lesson Number two.

By memorizing these, by literally imprinting them and their proportions
(as found on Mr. Average) into your brain, you'll be carrying around a
mental measuring grid. At least that’s my hope.

So click on the download link (it’s just over 3 mb - expect about
12 - 19 minutes on a 28.8 modem, or some 6 - 12 minutes on 56.6 (possibly

If it doesn't work right...

If you get a blank white screen when you click on the Flash icon
on your desktop, it didn't download in it's entirety. Do this:

Right click on the icon (it’s set up to automatically download to your
desktop) on the properties page, it should read “size: 3.07 MB”. Anything
smaller than that means you got cut off at some point during the download.
Download it again of this happens.

You could also download the "MyGetRight" software (shareware) for free
from here: (and if you like it you can always
buy it.) It works like a charm. (Just 'copy and paste' the address above
into the MGR window.)

Other Flash Interactives:


That's it for today! Keep on drawing and have a great Spring!



Jeffrey O. Kasbohm
Executive Director

(952) 920-9827
6920 Southdale Road
Minneapolis, MN  55435

"Once and for all  getting you drawing faces and caricatures"