15 November 1999


YouCanDraw.com's Insiders Communique


In this issue:

1) Specific Assignments for "Feature's Mini-Series": baby steps
2) Re-committing: the Artist's Contract

Hi everybody,

1) Taking a Second Look

Before I go any farther with the "feature by feature" mini-series, I've been
asking myself a tough question: is anybody really interested in doing the
assignments? It's not like anybody is under any obligation to do them, (it's
a self-paced program). But I want to know what can I do to make it easier
for people to do them - no matter where they are on the learning curve - and
without getting in a "correspondence course" situation. (That's just too
time consuming for me.)

Emailed Assignments

Part of the problem I see with e-mailing assignments is you got to stop what
you're doing and go do them. They drop into your mailbox unannounced, and
lay a whole 'nother guilt trip on you - "Like I need one more thing to do!"
If there's a link you have to go to, I know how I say to myself "I have 60
other emails to read, I can't stop right now to get back on line, hook up to
the Lesson Library and go see what this guy is talking about".
Of course I promise myself "I'll go back when I get some time", but I know
how bad my track record really is.

The juggling act

People have house work, lots of other email, career and family to
juggle...it's tough these days! However, I did promise that drawing takes
practice. And I promised I was going to be your coach - as much as I can be
within a self paced/limited correspondence type program.

How can I help you to keep on drawing?

I'm experimenting. So here's one thing I've come up with: small, doable
assignments. Something anybody could do in 15 -30 minutes. I really believe
you can still learn to draw faces with just 15 minutes, 2-3 days a week over
a couple months. Will that make you a master? Probably not in two or three
months. But you'll keep getting that exposure. The lessons and techniques
start "stockpiling" subconsciously and at some point, you'll feel a spark:
it'll all start making sense to you, and you'll get all fired up about
drawing! I've seen it enough to know it can happen.

Two small drawings:

So in today's communique, I've included 2 drawings: one is the exploded view
of what I think are the drawable parts of the ear. The other is an ear you
get to draw - and that'll be the assignment for the week. (And I'm going to
go through a feature at a time - as planned.)

Your Bite-sized Assignment:

For 15 - 30 minutes all you do is draw the one ear, the "draw THIS ear" ear.
And you do that on two to three occasions this week. That's it!
And next week you do the mirror image of the same ear. (The ear below is a
left ear. If I can find the time, I'll send a right ear next week.)
If you get fired up about drawing ears, you can click on the link below and
just "go to town".

Draw this ear

Exploded View

Draw the ear on the left for 15-30
minutes 3 days out of the next 5.

Always room for improvement: My Challenge

Even if you already feel like you're an expert on drawing ears, and you want
to say "get on with the caricatures Jeff!" and you think I'm going on too
long about a single feature, here's my challenge: ask your self honestly
how much do you really know about the anatomy of the ear (or any feature
for that matter)? Might your drawing benefit if you knew it just a little
bit better?

What if I told you that if you went through 15 to 30 minutes a day for just
three consecutive days in a row and you drew nothing but ears for those 15 to
30 minutes, the ears you drew on your subjects would improve 100 %? (I
mean you'll realize that kind of improvement spending just that time once in
your life!) In the next 11 months, we got time to get into a considerable
amount of detail folks, so take the time to get the foundations mastered.

Your Success in the making

I want to see you all succeed - in whatever it is you do. If drawing is
the springboard to something else, fantastic! It could just turn into a
successful home business that may open all sorts of other doors for you.
The fact you were motivated to join says to me you've got the desire.
And with the desire, comes the means. You already have the tools folks!
I got this favorite quote, I forget who wrote it, but it goes like this:

"Genius is at first a capacity for discipline"

So just little steps, 15 minutes, 30 minutes 5,4,3, even 2 days a week over
months, years, decades - passing through plateaus, your skill snowballs
and before you know it, you got some mastery under your belt! And it
feels so good.

2) Lastly, I've included a post from 15 months ago: "The Artist's
Contract". (Based On Julia Cameron's contract in her book: The Artist's Way")

Here it is:

Artist's Contract

I ____________________________, (your name) understand that in learning to do
caricatures I am undertaking an intensive guided encounter with my own
creativity. I commit myself to weekly reading, __________(3,4,5...) weekly
drawing sessions of ____________ minutes (15, 30, 45...).

I commit myself to completing one section of a lesson every ______ (3 days,
week, 10 days) and to the fulfillment of each weeks tasks.

I _____________________________, (your name) further understand that there
will be days when I think nothing I draw looks right and that my future as a
caricaturist will be limited. On those days I promise myself I'll accept
those uncomfortable feelings and I'll keep on drawing. (Possibly after an
hour break, a day break, some exercise, after doing something completely
different - or even after a good temper tantrum - but I promise myself I'll
get back to it!)

Lastly, If I really get stuck, I'll buy Julia Cameron's "The Artist's Way"
or something like it where I can remind myself that learning to draw
caricatures or any art for that matter, is a passage (at times a painful
one) to an expanded and enriched life. I'll remind myself I deserve praise
and congratulations - not criticism - for trying.




Draw the ear that's within the "format", the rectangular box,
(11111Modelearfinal.GIF), for at least 15 minutes, three days out out of the
next seven.

If your'e getting motivated, click here and do the assignments at:


(You'll have to cut and paste into your browser if this link isn't all blue)

Keep on Drawing!