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Subject: Your 6 October, 2002 every other week caricature

6 October 2002


Your 6 October, 2002
every other week caricature


Howdy all,

today's caricature is well, not  quite a caricature yet, but a mock-up pencil
drawing of R & B singer Macy Gray. In the next issues we're going to little by
little exaggerate Macy into true caricature form. (Look close for the border of
the fur coat and the hair) - this was a fairly loose "interpretation" for a realistic
drawing, and it's easy to see how realism and caricature are pretty close
cousins in the early stages. Early stages of what? The early steps in  exaggerating
Macy - and that's kind of predicting the caricatures that are as of yet undrawn
will be good  caricatures. So I'm betting on myself here.  :-)

Here's the game plan:

First the pictures need to capture a little more of Macy's femininity (some-
what lost in the this first picture), so I'll keep that in mind as I go;

2) Then, I'll open this caricature in Photoshop, add more contrast then print
it out. Then I'll take the print-out and pull out an old trick I haven't used in a
while: the tracing paper.

3) I'll place the print under about 4 or 5 pages of tracing paper. Then I'll flip
four of the pages up so there's only one page of tracing paper between me and
the drawing. I'll copy what looks good (minimizing repetition), then little by little
I'll redraw the caricature on each page of tracing paper as I flip each sheet of
tracing paper back over the latest reproduction exaggerating those things I think
are caricaturable. Does that make sense? By flipping the pages of tracing paper
over each "finished" caricature, the picture stays centered and  because tracing
paper is almost transparent I can compare the progression right through it.

4) If 5 pages isn't enough I'll take the last picture and place it under 3,4,5 more
pages of tracing paper and repeat the process.

So this is an old caricaturing trick - it's great for easing your way into exaggeration
if you find that a little intimidating. And it's also a way to increase your own
production. :-)

Lastly, today's drawing was sketched out on plain old newsprint stock that
costs about 5-7 dollars for a pad of 100 pages (you don't have to feel too bad
about going right through page after page) with a good old fashion 4b pencil.
Macy was actually about 17 inches tall in this drawing - you might see the
leftover lines from the different scans.

To see the original picture this version of Macy was drawn from click right here:

To see more pictures of Macy, type in "Macy Gray" at Google and click on

Until next time, keep on drawing!


Jeffrey O. Kasbohm
Executive Director

(952) 544-0657
1351 Hampshire Ave. So., #127
St. Louis Park, MN  55426

"Once and for all  getting you drawing faces and caricatures"