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Subject: Your 29 August, 2002 every other week caricature

29 August 2002


Your 29 August, 2002
every other week caricature


Howdy all,

Today's caricature is of writer and  All-American Studs Terkel. Studs has, if not
one of the more distinctive names, a very distinctive past. Starting as a TV actor
and radio personality in the fifties and then subsequently black-listed during the
McCarthy era "Red" hysteria, turned his life into one dedicated to interviewing
others, learning about other Americans - especially working Americans - sleuthing
for what made them do what they do. Still vigorous and still writing in his middle
80's, I present Mr. Terkel :-)

Here's a link to the picture I drew him from:

I also recommend - if you're looking for something to do - you do your own little
inquiry into this guy. He's pretty inspiring (I think). And like writers, you as
artists are in the business of looking close - slowing down and looking for
things most people take for granted.

There'll be a more in-depth explanation of what makes him drawable when
this is posted in the Archives. (I will say I made the nose a little too pointed
and I probably could set the shoulders up a little higher to add to the sense of
age...but overall I had fun doing this drawing. It was done with Pigma Micron
technical drawing pens [sizes 01, 03, and 08] on 11" x 14" Grumbacher Paper
for Pens.)

Take care and keep on drawing! (And have a safe Labor Day Weekend here
in the States - and have a safe weekend wherever in the world you are. )



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