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Subject: Your March 11th Communiqué - h-tech issue #2!

March 11th, 2002


Your March 11th Communiqué


Howdy all!

The object of today’s communiqué is to further drill home the concepts
of visually sizing up your subjects. In particular, today’s focus is on
the vertical landmarks of the face - and it’s easier than you think because
there’s really only two you have to memorize (there were 5 horizontal
landmarks). And we're delivering them you hot off the Hi-tech press:
Flash Interactive Lesson Number two.

By memorizing these, by literally imprinting them and their proportions
(as found on Mr. Average) into your brain, you'll be carrying around a
mental measuring grid. At least that’s my hope.

So click on the download link (it’s just over 3 mb - expect about
12 - 19 minutes on a 28.8 modem, or some 6 - 12 minutes on 56.6 (possibly

If it doesn't work right...

If you get a blank white screen when you click on the Flash icon
on your desktop,  it didn't download in it's entirety. Do this:

Right click on the icon (it’s set up to automatically download to your
desktop) on the properties page, it should read “size: 3.07 MB”. Anything
smaller than that means you got cut off at some point during the download.
Download it again of this happens.

You could also download the "MyGetRight" software (shareware) for free
from here:  (and if you like it you can always
buy it.) It works like a charm. (Just 'copy and paste' the address above
into the MGR window.)

If you just signed up...

Also for those of you who've just signed up, I've included the link to
the first Flash Interactive. (Most of you have already downloaded it
was the one that came out in January. ) If you don't have it, please
help yourself to a copy (I ask you download just one copy - the server
bill starts growing if there’s too much traffic.)

What's next?

What’s next on the docket for the Flash Interactive series?  The first
two teach you how to size up a face. In the next Flash lesson you'll
learn what to put in those grids you’re learning to visualize. You'll learn
how to hone further your observational skills by getting close up and
personal with the shapes of the head and the facial features.

After that, we've got some clean up work to do around the whole
site/book but hopefully, by the time you receive the next Flash
Interactive lesson, you'll have all the ammo you'll need to draw faces,
caricatures or anything else you want to draw.

I'm including the download instructions from the first Flash Interactive.
Enjoy and keep on drawing!:


January 9th, 2002


Your January 9th Communiqué


Hi all,

well this is a biggee for today we've gone hi-tech! Today
marks the launch of the first of several “Flash Interactive” lessons. I don't
think there’s anything else out there like them - seriously!

They’re interactive, they’re entertaining, they’re educational...and
they’ll cut your learning time down 67.8%!

Well I don’t know about the 67.8% part, I’ve done no studies, but it sure
sounded good :-)

But what exactly is Flash?

“Flash” is an Internet technology that allows for motion, animation, sound,
and interaction in very compact file sizes. They’re like movies you can almost
talk to. (I did have to take the sound out because the files just got too big -
but they’re just as informative.)

Anyway, I’m very excited about the first one here and I hope you’ll find them
unique and very helpful.

Today’s Flash lesson focuses on the “Horizontal Landmarks of the Face”.
Those are guidelines the Greeks and the Romans used, that the renaissance
artists gauged their drawings by, and that caricaturists use to leap frog off
when sizing up the face.

Are they the only thing you’ll use to “figure out a face”? Of course not, but
they loom large in your grab bag of “sighting” tools you’ll learn to apply at
will when drawing faces. And along with understanding the vertical landmarks
of the face, perceiving each particular isolated feature of the face, and the three-D
of the head, you’ll be way ahead of the competition (even if you're
competing against no one but yourself :-) A firm understanding of those four
areas I believe will help catapult your portrait and caricature drawing. (And
we’ll be “Flash-i-fying” all four of these areas.)

Now unless you’ve read lesson 15 in it’s entirety, a lot of what I just said
won’t make a lot of sense. BUT, I’ll bet if you just go ahead and download
the lesson it’ll make more sense.

So here’s the link(s) [if you've already downloaded the horizontal
landmarks, please don't download another - we have limited bandwidth]:

What’s it cost?

It cost’s you
nothing - this is all prepaid and was included in your sign-up price!

What you can do for me

What I’d like you to do is give this first “interactive” a look. Let me know if
it makes sense to you, if it helps clarify the point about the horizontal landmarks
of the face and gets you seeking them out when you look at anybody’s face.
Your feedback is greatly appreciated.

So go for it, download it to your desktop (or if you’re a little more computer
sophisticated, make a separate file for them).

[When you click on the link, you should get a pop-up window. I recommend
choosing the “download to you hard drive/disc” option. When you “ok” the
download to your disc, you’ll get the familiar Windows file choice window.
If you scroll up, you’ll see the desktop option.]

The “Flash Interactive” file’s about 3.3 megabytes. (It’s no small fry :-). It could
take 8-10 minutes on a 56k modem. So click away and check it out! And let me
know what you think.

Here's that link again:


Jeffrey O. Kasbohm
Executive Director

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4702-C West 130th Street
Los Angeles CA, 90250

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