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Subject: Your 29 January 2002 Communique

January 29th, 2002


Your 29 January Communiqué


In this issue:

1) On the road in just 24 hours!
2) 15 "Upside-Down" drawing exercises uploaded
3) New subscribers - get your "Flash Interactive" download


1) Hi all,

We're less than 24 hours away from our move, so after today's very short
email it'll probably be about 10 days before the next contact. All our email
addresses will remain the same; if for some reason you need to mail us,
the new mailing address will be:
c/o Kasbohm & Company
6920 Southdale Road
Minneapolis, MN  55435

Weather looks fair to middlin between here and Minneapolis - we'll
be traveling due East taking the southern route through Arizona, New Mexico,
and Oklahoma. Big left in Oklahoma City where we'll catch Highway 35
and head into, gulp, Winter. If any of you spot a big Ryder truck with
funny faces painted all over the side, it'll be us. :-)

2) Lesson 3 Upload - more drawing exercises

If you've been working your way through the book lesson by lesson
from the beginning, you might find a need for more exercises - I sure
think more are needed,  and better designed at that. So as we continue
with the "Flash Interactive" lesson, you'll also see additions made to
all the lessons.

Today we've uploaded 15 different "Upside-down drawing" exercises
in Lesson 3. What's Upside-down drawing? No, it's not drawing while your'e
standing on your head. It IS an approach to drawing, a technique that
forces your conscious, controlling left brain to take a back seat allowing the
more patient, observant right side of your brain a chance to do it's thing. In
fact that's the one of the main tenants of DRSB training (DRSB = Drawing
On the Right Side of the Brain): present the left, thinking brain with
a task it's entirely unfamiliar with, forcing it to step a side and allow the
right brain (or R-mode) to emerge.

If you're finding yourself with less than realistic likenesses of whatever it
it is you're drawing, upside-down drawing (along with pure contour
drawing - Lessons 4 and 5) just might be the antidote you're looking for.
To draw well, you have to   s l o w   d o w n  - and these exercises help
you do that. So check this out:

Click on "Intermediate Drawings" and you'll be instantly transported to
the new drawings. Don't print them out, draw them as they appear on your computer
screen. (You can flip your drawing over when you're done to see just what the
heck you're drawing!)

3) New Subscribers: get Flashed!

Lastly, if you've signed up within the last 7 days, make sure you click
on this link to get the first "Flash Interactive" download. (This is the same
one you've been seeing the last 3 weeks for you folks  who've been around
awhile :-). Here's the link:

Take care, stay warm, and keep on drawing!


Jeffrey O. Kasbohm
Executive Director

"Once and for all  getting you drawing faces and caricatures"