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Subject: Your April 16th Communique

April 16th, 2002


Your April 16th Communiqué


Howdy all,

Today's communiqué, as promised is a more in-depth exploration of member Suzy Voye of Tennessee's drawing of her lovely daughter Sara. It's a realistic drawing and Suzy is being courageous enough to allow me to give it a look and even start going over it with a fine tooth comb. I just want to underline the fact that my mission here is to keep you drawing, to keep you looking for ways to improve your own drawing and even get you inspired! Not to criticize. "Yehaa" as they say around these parts (from Minneapolis to Tennessee to Dallas they say that :-). So thank Suzy for her contribution to today. Thank you Suzy!

Here's the link to the page - which by the way is part of the
Member Showcase and anyone can access it. (The more updated site with all
of those wonderful drawings ya'll have sent should be uploaded later this week...
they say "ya'll" around these parts too :-)

So again, here's the link to Suzy's page:

We've also begun the fourth and final Flash Interactive on "Closing in on the Facial
Features". With the response we've gotten on the previous Flash Interactive
exercises, looks like we may have to give the whole book a "Flash Interactive"
overhaul. Keep on drawing!


Jeffrey O. Kasbohm
Executive Director

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"Once and for all  getting you drawing faces and caricatures"