Hi everybody,

Hope this reaches you in good health and I hope you're getting in a few
weekly sessions of drawing. You've probably noticed a small gap in the
arrival with the latest caricature - for that I'm sorry. I'm dealing with
a pesky email problem - it's almost worked out, (happened when I loaded
upgraded software from the Spring Internet World convention and the
programs started stepping all over each other).

I've had a window of clear sailing the last 48 hours or so. I took that
opportunity to upload the latest (and last) of Version One's final two
sections on dealing with highlight and shadow. (See links below.) I'm pretty
proud of them - please give me your unbiased feedback. It's always honored
and appreciated.

Getting these two sections finished gives me the opportunity to give all
my attention to the case studies - the actual caricature lessons. And that's
what you came here for in the first place, right? I'll have more time to
draw and that's pretty exciting to me since I've had about one day a month
to draw since I began this project...three years ago! But not so fast...

This next month we'll be doing a gang of re-editing and we'll be redoing the
packaging - you'll be able to download the entire e-book to your hard drive.
No more download waits, no more of those annoying pop-up password windows (which I think are all fixed as of this morning). I'll keep you posted.

So check out the new pages, if you have any drawing questions, thoughts
about how to stay motivated in your drawing pursuits, or interesting links
you think other members would benefit from, please pass them to me so I can
pass them on.

One last thing. I have to run off to Minneapolis for a rather sudden
business meeting this week, so I'll be owing you both the caricature and the
communique when I get back. Thanks so much for your patience and your



PS, the first two links are to the new pages:



Master link section of Light and Shadow: