April 6th 2001
(picture below)


Your Every Other Week Caricature
Complements of YouCanDraw.com


How do all! Well I'm especially pleased with the final here of Mr. Maher. Funny
thing though, I included the original two along side the final with the attached
picture and the sizings make the first caricature (not the original), and the final
look like the same picture. The final in reality is a full 11 inches tall. The first
caricature is all but 5 inches tall and when you see them side by side the final
looks so much more exaggerated it's not funny. In this view you can't tell at all!
Interesting piece of research, eh?

In the final (all pencil by the way), I exaggerated the nose - it travels almost
cheek to cheek now - pointed the chin, widened the hair and forehead, overall
kept with the light bulb shape direction we saw in the original.

Your assignment

Either open the first exaggeration from 2 weeks ago (print it out), and look at it
side by side with the final or work from just the attached. Go down each and
compare feature by feature by width and height. Ask for example "how much
room is left between the cheek and the side of the nose in the and final and
how does this compare to the first exaggeration?" Or "In the final how many
eye widths wide is the head across the widest part of the forehead and how
does this compare to the first exaggeration?" Then go down your list comparing
and contrasting all the different sizes and dimensions of each section.

Read through the "Hugh Hefner In-Depth" for some ammo on what features,
facial shapes, shadows and negative spaces, etc are relevant. (Even if you're
just beginning it does no harm to read through it just get a feel for he steps)

Here's a quick list of parts and features of the face:

forehead wrinkles
the bony brow
the eye brows
the "glabella"
the "infra-ocular folds" (the bags under the eyes)
the nasal root
the nose
the philtrum (the groove between the upper lip and the nose...you know, the
        booger canal! :-)
The upper lip
Cupid's bow
the highlight on the upper and lower lip
the upper and lower lip
the cheekbones
the ears
the dimples
the jaw bone
the chin
the neck
the Adams apple
the sternocleidomastoid muscles (the two long muscles that form a "V"
        and meet in at the little groove at the top of the sternum)
the ears...

...does that kinda get you started? OK! Jump on in. (Again for beginners,
not to worry, you'll be exposed to all these and more as you work your way
through the lessons.)

Other news

We're starting the third super-duper in-depth analysis - this time of Musician/singer/
songwriter Ani DiFranco (We needed to do a god in-depth of a woman since the
first two are of men.) After that we'll be adding the "Flash" lessons (multimedia
animations), to help make the lessons as self explanatory as possible, and we'll be
adding more exercises to all the chapters so you'll internalize each section and can
continue drawing with ever growing confidence. Take care and keep on drawing!


Jeff K.


Jeffrey O. Kasbohm
Executive Director

"Once and for all getting you drawing faces and caricatures"