Hi everybody,

Quick note here. The First two sections of "Lesson 9: Light and Shadow" have
beenuploaded. Part one is pretty huge. I apologize for the download time - I
was outvoted awhile back on whether to make pages short and sweet and numerous or make 1 big long one. ("Longs" won because you only had to hit "print" once - even if the web page was 20 printed pages.)

We've also discovered the root problem to the pesky password page pop-up
conundrum, (you know, when you go to get the next page a window shoots up
asking you for your username and password.) The problem, as some of you may have figured out was that the little "YouCanDraw" icon in the upper left
corner was in a folder higher up in the hierarchy. Every time you clicked
for the next page, the server thread had to go out of the password area to
get the picture, then jump back in to the password area - thus signaling a
pop-up window password request.

There's 284 (and growing) separate web pages, and that icon is on almost all
of them. It takes 30 seconds to a minute and 1/2 to change each page. (They
have to be changed one by one.) It'll take a little time to complete. In the
meantime, when the password window pops up (after you've already gotten
inside), just click on "cancel" and you'll be able to proceed as usual. You
will get the small red "x" where the new icon ought to be.

To get to the new section, click on:


This will get you to the master link page and you can click on the first two
underlined and highlighted sections. (There's an html code page reference to
lesson 9, part one as "lesson 10" - carry over from an earlier version. Just
follow the on-screen navigation links and you'll get everywhere you want to

Keep on drawing, please send me your comments, criticisms, praises :-), all
are welcome!