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Subject: Your January 2nd, 2003 Communique

January 2nd, 2003


Your January 2nd, 2003 Communiqué


Happy New Year all!

Hope you had a happy and safe holiday. Fairly quick note today. Most of the 
work was done behind the scenes. For all of you who've recently signed up, make sure you check out the Archives for missed or reviewing old communiqués and ezines. We're up to date now from July, (over 20 additions) and I've also added 10 BEEG caricatures - these are all on the order of 200 kilobytes in size so if you don't have broadband, they'll be a little slow - though the Geraldo picture is a little smaller.

These are royalty free for your personal use, (But make sure you read the link in the Archives about the usage parameters. They're pretty fair I think.) With these large pictures, the detail really shows up - mistakes and all! For example Look at the detail around the eyes on Picasso or the "Levine style old man face" - pretty impressive if I do say so myself! They're there for you to further your own drawing, to try to re-caricature your own way, for you to take jabs at if you like! All in the name of learning. So have at it! (There's directions there on the same page for downloading to your hard drive if you don't know how.)

Make sure you click on the "newest pix" link at the bottom of the first couple paragraphs at the top of the page. Here's the overall link

The Art Gallery:

And to check out those past zines, make sure you click on the following link:

The Archives:

Take care, and keep on Drawing!



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