October 15th, 2001


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1) Today: big link to an even bigger new page


Hi all. Well today there was just too much to send you by email,
so I'm sending you a link instead. What's the link to? Part IV of
In depth Case-Study #3: Ani DiFranco
.  In parts I through III you saw
in-depth explanations concerned with articulating the imaginary guides
and landmarks a portrait artist or caricaturist tries to imagine being
laid over the face. Comparing those guides to those of Mr. Average
directs your next move in exaggerating any part of your subject's face.

Lot's of info, exercises, and even some anatomy

In this latest section, Part IV (with the help of over one dozen
completely new fly out-links and 9 exercises), you'll analyze what
makes Ani look like Ani - one feature at a time. You'll look even
deeper into what makes and influences the shadows of the face - and
why recognizing those shadows shapes are as important as the correct
perception of the obvious features. You'll look at the subtle influences
of bone and muscle movement on facial expression and possibly for the
first time, make sense of what's going on in a person's face.

Like 80 pages total!

There's an eyeful and mouthful and a half here. In fact The whole
page types out on my printer at 54 pages - and that's just the main
page! Counting the fly-out pages and the exercises, there's close
to 25 more pages. Eighty pages in all!

In fact it's almost too big - it takes almost 6 minutes to download
on 56.6 modem and close to 12 minutes to download on a 28.8.
Sorry about that. (In the past we did a vote and one huge page won
out over multiple small pages - you could hit print and leave the
room. The text comes in pretty fast, it's all the illustrations that
take time.)

Turn off your Browser's "image preferences"

Let me suggest (like I suggested in the last large upload), to print
out the main page and then on any return trips to the page, turn
your browser's image preference OFF since it's all the illustrations
that slow the whole thing down. That way you can rapidly access the
"fly-out". There's also a navigation box at the top so you can jump
around the page with the greatest of ease.

It's a nuisance but a few of the links between other Ani DiFranco pages
need re-configuring but that'll be fixed later this week. This new section
will be included in the next version of the e-book, though that's months
off. (But we're working hard at it !:-)

Next on the docket in the next 2 weeks: upload all the past caricatures
and  Communiqués, begin on adding large amounts of drawing exercises
that really drive home the learning points.

So here's the link - it's been a lot of work -  hope it's helpful to you!


Please notify me If you find any confusingly written sections - or if you
find any mistakes. (Your input always appreciated!)


Jeff k.

Jeffrey O. Kasbohm
Executive Director

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4702-C West 130th Street
Los Angeles CA,  90250

"Once and for all  getting you drawing faces and caricatures"