May 18th 2001

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In today's issue:

Link to Ani DiFranco In-Depth Analysis, Part I


Hi all,

Today you’re getting a link to page 1 (part I), of the In-Depth analysis of the 
one, the only Ms. Ani DiFranco. I should qualify that.  When I say “page 1” I
mean page one, part I of  the whole “HTML” section. It actually types out at
about 25 pages on my printer. Lots of pictures, hopefully clear explanations.

This is the last “In-depth analysis” that’s going to be written out long
hand in text. (The rest will be involving animation...those “Flash animations”
I've been rambling on about.) I do have to warn you though - this one’s
a little tedious. The first  two In-Depth lessons (of Hugh Hefner and Keith
Richards)  went into a fair amount of depth.

Dividing up the face even more

This one goes even into more depth but the focus is in a slightly different
area. You'll learn  a little more about the lower divisions of the face, namely
the region under the nose and the three main horizontal landmarks and
guides there. (In a front view.) We talked about these in lesson 14, but here
you'll see them put to work the first time.

How do you say “tedious” ?

And did I say it gets a little tedious?  Yes it does. And that’s on purpose to
a point. First because the face can get a little tedious if you look at every
little thing. Secondly, I believe if you really work through something
intellectually and intuitively - if you come at it from all sorts of angles
you get a much deeper, longer lasting education than if you try to skim through it.
Plus you  build skills that last. If you just get the Cliff notes version of things
all the time, you don't always get the full richness of a subject. And I did say
"on purpose to a point" - past that point it's me being compulsive about
trying to absolutely sure I made the point clear. So click on the link and be
prepared to wait a few minutes for the download - like I said, it printed out
on my printer at about 25 pages.

Here's that link again:

And it ain't over yet!

No, this is actually the first of 4, maybe 5 sections on Ani’s face.
You'll see it all pieced together over the next few weeks). I just wanted
to deliver this "DiFranco" to you in smaller chunks rather than laying
a hundred page section on you all at once.

Primer on Primitive forms

Lastly, the “primitive forms” excursion will be delayed a week or two-
but they’re coming. All feedback is welcome - always! Keep on drawing.


Jeffrey O. Kasbohm
Executive Director

"Once and for all getting you drawing faces and caricatures"<