The Third skill of drawing:
Recognizing and Perceiving Angles and Proportions
(taken from communiqué 14 August 2003)
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Today's lesson covers arguably the toughest concept of drawing - and a persistent obstacle for many beginning artist: reckoning angles and proportion.

In this lesson you'll learn two techniques that will really aid in mastering these difficult concepts. Download the Flash lesson and dive on in! There's a couple inexpensive tools you may need to buy to do this lesson - don't let that stop you! Go through this lesson as many times as you need to until it sinks in. (It builds directly on what you've learned about picture planes and "formats" and "setting a ground" (all covered in previous Flash lessons). See it at the top of the page with today's date... 

Listing the five skills of drawing:

1) the perception of edges 
2) the perception of spaces
3) angles, perspective, and proportion
- today's focus
4) light and shadow
5) the gestalt

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Modified contour

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Understanding the Picture Plane

Modified Contour

Negative Space: Archives

Lesson 8

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