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Subject: Every Other Week Communique: update

November 10th, 2002


Your November 10th, 2002 every other week Communiqué


Howdy all,

Some corporate decisions

In order to make the best possible caricature and upstart drawing
program on the net, we've had to make a few decisions this weekend.

First and foremost we'll be cutting back on the e-zines several months earlier than previously
advertised. They'll most definitely keep coming, just at a slower pace. Instead of four ezines
a month, we'll be reducing them to 2 a month: one Communiqué and one Caricature.

We initially planned to go to this in March of 2003 but the way things beyond our control
have multiplied, added to accelerated administrative tasks, the time to really dig into writing
weekly (and drawing) weekly issues has gotten a little overwhelming. But they won't stop!
No sir-ee :-)

In the past, the single most important part of this program, the part that ties it all together,
has been the ezines and feedback that comes through the ezines. This is what you guys
have been telling me over and over again from the start. And again we'll continue the ezines
- just not published as often.

New password interface that gives you a whole year once you sign up

We'll also be installing a much more sophisticated password shell around the on-line book,
one that's on par with the really easy to use - and powerful systems - you see out there on
the net.

Regardless of the date you've signed up, you'll be given one year access to the on-line site
from the date you enter your own personal username and password. For those of you who've
just signed up, this is about 3 months ahead of schedule. We won't be finishing the new
password "shell" until sometime after the first of the year (2003) and your 'one year of access
clock' won't start clicking until that's completely installed.

And what's the pay off for you? We want to spend our time really getting all the lessons
up to snuff, make lessons clearer where they're not so clear, add Flash, sound, even
video to sections to make them really informative,  and written in a way you just have to
pull out your drawing paper and dive into your drawing. That's the plan. And to execute
this, we need the time to do it.

A wealth of info in the Archives

Also, if you've just signed up, take some time to scan over the e-zine Archives. Starting
with the first ezine in October of 1998 and going strong ever since,  there's almost 4 years
worth of material there! Averaging 4 zines a month for 4 years (though a large chunk of
1999's were lost in a hard drive crash). You'll see lot's of questions you might have
already been answered. (And unlike questions about web marketing, questions about how
to draw
remain amazingly similar. That process hasn't changed much for thousands of years :-)

Check out some old e-zines

For instance...from November of 1998: the "Artist's Contract" - a modified version of
Julia Cameron's contract but reworded specifically for drawing. A great place to
begin your commitment:

Or see the mini-series discussing the different facial features in the "feature by feature"
series-within-a-series. Here's a link to a mini-stop on drawing teeth:

Or the large section on discovering your own "Unique Selling Proposition" -
a must for those who want to begin turning their art hobby into an art business:

Or the two part series on discovering why a member's drawing worked and what steps
she could take to make it even better (this link will take you to another page):

How you can make a little extra money

Lastly, we're building a whole new information site that points to the sales
page and we'll be adding a computerized affiliate program over the next 4-6 months as well.
What's that mean for you? You can make a little money for your referral efforts. (We
generally give 25 % of the price of any books affiliates sell right back to the affiliate.
That's worked out to be about 4-5 dollars a sale. Not a lot, but it can add up to a nice
dinner or book money if you sell just 4,5,6 books a month. If you have  a high traffic
site already, literally 10 minutes of work can get you a lot more than that.

And if  the word "selling" scares you off the way it always scares me off when I see it,
the actual "selling" part is painless - in fact there's no selling involved. But more on
this in coming months.

Our mission is to get you and keep you drawing faces and caricatures. Period.

So without further ado, we're going to get back to work on that mission right now.

(p.s. Again, to restate how often you'll be receiving e-zines: the next caricature should come
out in the next 5-7 days and you'll see an ezine, either the caricature version or the communiqué
version on a "one every two week" pattern after that. That is, expect to see something
every two weeks instead of every week.)

Take care and keep on drawing!


Jeffrey O. Kasbohm
Executive Director
Kasbohm & Company Strategic Multimedia
home of

(952) 544-0657
1351 Hampshire Ave. So., #127
St. Louis Park, MN  55426

"Once and for all  getting you drawing faces and caricatures"