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Subject: Your November 20th, 2002 Caricature: Tom Ridge

November 20th, 2002


Your November 20th, 2002 Caricature


Howdy all,

today's caricature is of Homeland Security Chief Tom Ridge. I saw
Mr. Ridge on CNN the other night and I couldn't but help but notice the
literal wedge of hair  and the deep "v" of his hair line in the middle of his
forehead (I forget what that deep dip of hair line is called).

What hit me as caricaturable in Mr. Ridge were the following:

Firstly, that big Cool Whip tuft of hair in the front, the scrubbed
and groomed look of the hair - and of him (he's a cross between politician
and military man, or maybe stuck there. I remember my military days
where I prized that little tuft of hair in the front - easy to keep hid under
my hat while the hair at the nape of the neck roils right down to a stubble).

So I played with that a little.

2) He's  got a strong forehead - even if it's not that Hollywood High forehead
look with very squared-out male-pattern balding at the "corners above the

3) He's got the Spartan Viking nose where all the lowest edges of nares,
nostrils, and point of nose come to a "flat" in the same plane just above
the apron of the upper lip. (Some people have a very obvious slope from
the tip of the nose down, out and back  to the corners of the nostrils).
Which is why it was easy to make the back bone of the nose almost
vertical - right up to where it appears out of his very bony brow.

4) The strong eye brows and slightly smaller than real eyes make for
a more intense gaze (though I'm not sure if I captures that so well).

5) Speaking of the apron of the upper lip, making it proportionately larger
than  real only makes the already small mouth and chin appear that much
smaller. But so as to not make him appear weak, the small chin attaches
to long and strong jaw bone - it's (the jaw) made a lot stronger and more
emphatic by several rows of hatching that, together look like different tones
of gray.

6) by adding a strong jaw, throwing on a still stronger neck contributed
to the overall strength of Mr. Ridge. Only problem with that is he starts
looking fat - which he is not. So I missed the boat a little there. The big
broad, rounded jacket also work to make him look fatter than he really is

Overall, I still laughed at the outcome of this picture but I see where I
need to get more realism in to it to make it more, well, real :-) If I look
at a picture of Tom and look at my picture, I don't see him right away.
Oh well :-) So enjoy, and learn what you can - and don't get hung up on
getting it perfect. (I sure don't anymore.)

The original was done in about 15 minutes in pencil on Grumbacher Paper
for Pencils, scanned, shrunk to about 10 inches in height, retraced
freehand then cross hatched in Micron Pigma Technical pens sizes
01 and 08 (the face hatches were in 01 and the hatches in hair
and jacket as well as heavier outlining with 08 pen.) I did lots of pencil
line erasing too. The hatching took a good 'nother 15-20 minutes.

Here's a link to a picture that's like the one I drew - thought he's looking
in the opposite direction, and just doesn't have the same hair flair as he
was sporting on CNN:

For a whole gang of Tom Ridge pix, go to, type in "tom
ridge" and click "images". There's' a lot!

So that's it for today. See you again in two weeks - keep on drawing!


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