December 20th, 2000

Hi all, 

1) Today's caricature is one from the Archives: George C. Scott. This 
picture is about 13 years old and done in the days of timed drawings (where 
I was doing drawings with a timer: starting at 20 minutes per drawing and 
lowering that to about 5 minutes over a 6-8 week period. (I think that's how 
long it memory's going!) Does the drawing work? Kind of I think. 
(But I'll let you be the judge). 

If you look close you can see texture in the paper - this was drawn
on heavy paper made for charcoal drawing. It's a different touch - the texture 
that is. If you work too small it gets in the way. If you work on a slightly 
larger scale it really adds "tooth" to pictures. 

2) On a different note, the new web site is finally up! It's still at the 
You Can Draw address ( Go check it out and let me know what you think. The link to go to the Insider's loft is in the left 
hand column - last entry. You'll also see we're on CD-ROM now too. (I'll be 
offering all of you an opportunity to get it at a discount - so watch your 

I'm going to try to get one more communique out before the Christmas break - 
I'll be going to Minneapolis for one week (that's home) and I'll be back in 
LA after the New Years. I know things have been sporadic lately - there's 
been a great deal going on behind the scenes (like broken motherboards, 
CD-ROM burners, ill-working networks, dysfunctional merchant accounts - I 
won't bore you !! :-) But we're getting back up to speed and everything's in 
place for 2001. I'm most excited because I think I can finally get back to 
diving in to the in-depth caricatures. 

Here's George:

So to all a blessed Christmas, Happy Chanukah, Ramadan...Holiday season. 
Talk to you one more time this year...



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