June 15th 2001


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Part II, Ani DiFranco: making a landmark out of landmarks


Hi all,

today's message is short and sweet - but the link is to a fairly good sized page. Hot
off the virtual press, Ani DiFranco Part II is ready and waiting for your viewing pleasure and your hungry mind.

Pushing the envelope

In part II you'll see a whole lot of detail about a whole lot of detail. You'll see (and hopefully really see), some of the face's sub-features - things I haven't seen talked about too much in drawing books. Not because what you'll read about is any great discovery but rather because unlike conventional publishing, there's very little cost to publishing on-line, you can go for depth. To the point of excess? Maybe, but I don't think so.  It's my highest hope these lessons teach you to really learn to look for even the slightest detail and still not lose sight of the larger picture. That being said, even with minimal publishing costs, things can get tedious. I hope we stop before that happens :-)

It's the details, or more accurately it's in your own discoveries that detailed, patient observation reveal  that really make art out of any piece of your work.

Two animations

Anyway, Part II builds on the idea of using the horizontal landmarks and guides for more than just the main and obvious features. Hopefully the two animations will tie together visually how an artist really uses landmarks to "size-up" a drawing or a face or anything he or she wants to draw.

So without further adieu, here's the link to Part II, Ani DiFranco:


Please give me your feedback - any and all input is highly valued.  So keep on
drawing, and see you all next week.



Jeffrey O. Kasbohm
Executive Director

"Once and for all getting you drawing faces and caricatures"