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15 December 2003


Your December 15th 2003, Caricature: California Gov's convention


Howdy all,

Today's caricature is a direct extension of December firsts' "Exercise in Observation" -
I said I might do a caricature of these two and I sat down today and popped out a quick
sketch that was both fun and pleasing :-). It was drawn with a "Sumo Grip" mechanical
pencil which has some really smooth lead in it (it's no specialty pencil - just a run of the
mill gimmick deal...comfortable to hold, smears a little on the easy side)...and drawn
on some inexpensive Sanford sketch pad 11 x 14 paper you can buy at any grocery or
drug store. (Those yellow covered pads you always see.)

If you haven't seen December 1st's assignment, click below to get caught up. In two weeks
you'll see a more in-depth analysis and the answers to all the questions you were quizzed
with 2 weeks ago.


So that would really be the assignment: re-read the 1 December page and compare
what you see in the caricature with the original photo  - all in the Archives - and at this
link: .

Hope you're having a great Holiday season! Find that 15-20 minutes every other
day (or hopefully more) to your progress and enthusiasm on the upswing :-)




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